Received disability forms least I feel like I'm in line! They sent me a medical request for records form from the time after I applied for disability through present day. They also sent to me a pain evaluation form and a functionality questionaire. Does anyone have any tips to share with me regarding how to fill these out (besides being honest)? I was beginning to wonder if my application got buried in someone's in-box!

Aside from receiving the forms, everything's ok this week, except for the usual nasty-a** pain hugging my entire body. My friend from work and I went to our local art center for their Members Show on Friday night. She entered a piece in it and I wanted to go to support her and to see if what I do for art would have qualified to be entered. I regret I didn't enter anything in it; I'm still a greenie when it comes to doing/sharing my art stuff. I hurt all day yesterday from walking around the galleries but it lifted my spirits! My friend and I had the best time looking at the enteries and laughing with each other. I dragged my butt to the grocery store yesterday; we were out of everything at home and I didn't want to go out today but I forgot TP and potatoes. I don't know if I'll try to go today or wait until tomorrow after work.

Hi Lil Al, do you have an attorney? If so I wouldn’t answer anything without checking with him. I’m not sure where you are in the application process? Almost everyone is turned down, most people are not successful without representation. They do not charge unless they win your case. After three years of BS I finally won my disability case. I remember I filled out the functionality form. Be very careful how you answer. For example, they may ask what you do all day? Don’t say watch tv as they will find you a job watching security monitors. If you have to take naps during the day, put that down and if your medications make you dizzy, sleepy then put that down. They also will ask you how much you can lift. Some people will put down 5 lbs. a gal of milk weighs 8lbs so I would say 10 lbs. Do you see where I am going with this? Really think how you answer will answer the questions. I think there is a potion of that form that asks a family member questions
Be careful of that as well. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to inbox me. Hugs, Leanne L

Here's my honest advice, Lil Al, get a lawyer to do it for you. They'll do it for free up front, and will only collect a fee if you win your case. They know how to fill the forms out, knowing what SSI is looking for.

You do need to emphasize how you can't work in any capacity whatsoever, even if it was a sitting down job filing your nails. I'm serious. you need to let SSI know if your back hurts so badly that you can't sit comfortably for any time (mine does!,) if your fingers hurt so much that you can't use them for anything, if your knees and elbows hurt so much that you can't walk or stand for any time, etc.

You also need to be sure to let them know of other ailments you have that are impacting your health. Sleep apnea, depression, OCD, whatever. And be sure you tell SSI how much those ailments also impact your work ability.

Good luck! I pray that you can get it as working with this illness is nothing short of a NIGHTMARE.



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My son applied. He has an autoimmune disease (Connective Tissue Disease) and his Rheum thinks he may actually have more than one. His lab work is not specific enough for her to nail it down yet (though Lupus looks like a very likely suspect).

He filed the initial application on his own and was denied. He hired an attorney, finally got a hearing and was denied again. The state even had a vocational expert there that said there was not one job that he can do at this time. The judge decided that he can do "a sit down, hand assembly job, with no stair climbing, no lifting, no bending, no kneeling, where he can stand and move around as necessary to be comfortable". Never mind that there are no jobs like that anywhere. After that, he got frustrated and decided not to appeal again and is currently trying to find some type of job that he may be able to do.

Good luck to you. The process sucks and is so lengthy and time consuming.


I'm still working 16 hours a week; it sounds like I will get turned down if I am still able to work even if its only part time. The reason I'm still trying to work is so we can keep out head above water. The only other income is my husband's disability. I may have to totally quit so I can get disability. I am going to call an attorney tomorrow. I also have COPD so that may help, as well as having kyphosis, which is a genetic defect. My husband would hate the idea of me having to quit working totally because he likes being able to buy computer games and make his truck payment (that he never drives) and have cable tv with the higher channels. He suggested I would get bored and lonely if I were to quit my job. Even though I have hated my job for years and it has caused me much emotional and physical pain, he has never suggested I quit my job. <sigh> Hugs, L.A.