Re: The book, The Fibromyalgia Solution by Dr David Dryland

I am very interested in being active in the treatment of my fibromyalgia, but do not want to spend a lot of time chasing down ideas that may not be worthwhile. So far I am still trying out certain medications that will help to make the pain more bearable.

I came across this book by Dr Dryland and have not finished it yet but from the amount I have read,it seems like a good book. The one thing that does bother me is the claim that he makes , "that fibro can be cured." I'm not sure if I trust this claim as everything I have read so far about this condition, is that it can be treated but not cured.

I would love to hear from any of you who have read his book and have followed through on what he recommends. Just what was the outcome of what he recommends for us to do, and if it helped with how you feel now.

I think if he would have stated that if you do what he recommends you would have less pain and an improvement in lifestyle I would have dived in with both feet. It's the "cure" word that bothers me.

Sorry, I have repeated the word "recommends" a lot but didn't know how else to phrase it :-)

I am looking forward to your replies. Thanks, Jan

I have not heard of this author or the book, so I don't know what he is claiming. Where can I find this book. Thanks Sue

Hi, you can get it at Chapters but also on his web page. He seems to be well thought of, especially by his patients. Interested to see what others who have come in contact with his suggestions, what they think. It should be interesting. Jan

i do not know about this book but had a Naturopath doctor tell me he could cure fibro by treating the metals in my system. That it was tied into that. I had no idea what he meant plus he said it takes about year.

so i wrote email to my nephew who does medical research and asked him about what he thought....he said was baloney if there was cure than of course all doctors would be using it. Plus he said did not make logical sense with how fibro is in our bodies logically.

He well, exercise and try to do positive things like volunteer or art...things you enjoy ...of course there are other things one can do...but he stressed mainly eating health diet and moving.

Over the years having had lupus most of my life...i read a lot of books about cures etc...none worked though i did try more than few. MSM for example.

SO just be cautious and just say go ahead and try it if not too expensive and who knows might be right diet ideas for you.