Rash flare up


I’m on Flexeril to help with pain and gabapentin. Broke out in a nasty rash all over. Allergy to the Flexeril. Dr thinks because my skin feels like something is crawling on it again, he thinks it’s also a flare up. Anyone else have this issue. Not the allergy but a rash and tingling feeling type flare up.


I get the creepy crawly feeling all over my body, like ants. & then the itching begins. It can last for days or even weeks. Heat makes the itching worse. Ice packs become your best friend, as well as allergy pills.


The neurologist in Iowa City diagnosed the bug crawling as a B10?/B12? deficiency & ordered an every 3wk B-Shot. She said that even though my blood said I had enough, it is enough for people who do Not have Fibro. Check in with your PCP to make sure. For me bug bites itch More now & yeah, it takes a couple of weeks to go bye-bye (yipee skipee). Love, Light & Peace.