Random Bruising

Hello All
I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced random bruises on different parts of the body? For example I’ll go to sleep with nothing and wake up with a big bruise on my thigh or arm etc. thank you for any and all replies. I’m just wondering what this could be.

Wow... I bruise easily...when I get one I have usually ran into something or done something to have caused it. I have had bruises that I cannot remember how I got but I am certain I did something to cause it.

I would mention this to your Dr. for sure!!! Could it be that while you are sleeping you somehow hit yourself? Just a thought ... could it be your dreaming and acting things out...None the less Talk to your Dr.

Huggs, Belinda

Oh yes quite a bit I am same way I notice strange bruises after waking it may be the fibro too I believe I read something about that but yes check with dr. I always forget to ask

I have this to a degree. I have bruises in the strangest place - places I know I didn't hurt elsewhere. When's the last time you forgot you bumped the side of your neck into something?

My doctor ran some tests... even though I eat plenty, I was anemic. Am anemic.... Iron pills aren't really working.

Might want to ask your doc to check for that... but seriously, see a doctor.


I read that too about fibro and being anemic