Rain 🤪

I need the sun this rain and wind makes me feel so down :cry:

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Hi, Lucy!
Welcome to the community! :grinning:
You are in Exeter, in England - Correct? I read that it is always partly cloudy there, but also that you have great temperatures, not going above the high 70’s. Is that right?
The cloudiness and rain would be depressing, but WOW - what amazing temps! It is so hot here in the summers (I’m in Okla., in the U.S.).
If you have arthritis, I’m sure the rain is affecting you - It always makes me hurt when a storm is coming. Hang in there!!!

Thank you I’m new to this so I’m not sure how to use this group… in the heat I feel like super woman in the rain and cold I feel like tin man off of wizard of oz :crazy_face:

I laugh every time you use that crazy face emoji, Lucy! :crazy_face: It is good to see that your humor is still intact, despite the rain!
What a great comparison – the tin man!
Going from Wonder Woman to the Tin Man can be quite exhausting! (This, I know from experience, as well) LOL!
You are doing great using the site, so far. You just click on, and respond to whatever post you’d like to. There is a place on “catagories” to actually click “all catagories” if you want to see all of the topics at once. There is also a new user section that will take you to videos that help. I was also a little confused at first.
You can also click on any moderator (Mod Support) avatar and ask questions, too. The moderators are way cool! :upside_down_face:

Hello Lucy and a Big Welcome to our group you will soon find your way around I am Annette one of the Moderators as Aussie Mom said do not be stuck with anything click on Mod Support and myself or one of the other Moderators will be around to help you.
Hope you are well. Annnette.

Here I am complaining about the endless 100+degree heat and we both want to exchange for a while!! Of course as soon as it starts getting cold, I’ll be complaining about that too. I’ll toss you some of our heat and maybe it will make it there!!!

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Thanks grammybear the heat would be perfect :upside_down_face: