Quote of the day for September 2

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
John Lennon

I remember when he came up with this, not only am I a Beatle fan, Petunia named her son 'Lennon'.

It's very appropriate too, especially for us!

John Lennon was chock full of wonderful sayings and thought provoking lyrics. And all of this by the young age of 40! And I have always loved this quote; it's so true. Beautifully put, as only the inimitable John could put it.

My own saying has become "It is what it is." My sister said that House made it up and I gave her major stink eye in answer, adding, "I hope it wasn't him who came up with it, he's such an old sour puss."

Wooo hoo, another Beatles fan!