Pregnancy, miscarriage

I've been wondering...Recently my internist asked me about my pregnancys'. So I told her, the 1st one was normal, followed by 5 miscarriages, then came my last. Almost lost her too, had an awful time. She says the miscarriages were caused from the fibro. If so I've had it way longer than anybody knew. Has anybody else heard of this happening due to fibro? Just curious. Thanks, Charlie :)

Dearest Charlie,

I have never miscarried, but I am so very sorry to know that you went through this so many times. My heart goes out to you. I have never heard of this before. I did just google it, but there was really no satisfactory information. Perhaps your Dr would have a few moments to discuss this with you.

Perhaps there are other women who can respond to this and help you with answers. I am so glad you have your children. I am so thankful for my son as I had to have a total pan hysterectomy at age 23.

Sending love and hugs,


Oh Charlie, how terribly sad. My heart goes out to you, as a child is the most precious thing we can have in our lives.

I am wondering if you have other stuff going on. Are you hypermobile? Do you have auto-immune illness or does anyone else in your family? Does anyone else in your family have the miscarriage problem? I'll see if I can find out more on miscarriages, but please let me know some more about your background as it might be helpful. And I'm no doc or medical person, so I'll just do layman searches. Still, I want to help you if I can, as that is such a terrible thing to go through not only once but five times.

You must really cherish the two you have, after all of that. Bless you, Charlie. That's someone who really wants to be a mother.

Okay, Charlie, I did a little research and found some very helpful information. I'm including a link about the seven most common causes of miscarriage. A few of the causes listed do occur in women with fibro: hormone imbalance, Polycistic ovarian syndrome and thyroid issues. If I were you, I'd read over the list and check to see if your doctor has ruled the causes out. For instance, have you been tested for thyroid problems?

Here's the link:

I hope that some of this info is helpful.

Good luck with the reading!

Gentlest of hugs,