Post nasal drip

Does anyone get chronic post nasal drip issues? I have had it off and on since catching 2 colds this fall. I do have non-allergic rhinitis, which I know like over 80% of fibro patients have. I am just concerned it is silent reflux instead??? But it has happened after a cold, so I am thinking it may just be my oversensitive fibro nerves.

Hi tiffy!

I have the allergic post nasal drip during seasonal pollinations, and mold blooms. My Internist prescribed me a nasal spray that has helped me more than anything else. It has simply stopped it. Talk to your Dr and see if he would think this may work for you! Hope you get some relief!



Is it flonase?? I have that at home…how long does it take to work? I must admit I am not too good about using that. I do use the saline and neti pot and gargle. I live near Boston and the weather here is cold and very dry and the heat is on a lot now too.

It is Fluticasone Proplonate 50mcg, I used all of the decongestants but this did the trick, hope you can find something to work for you, I know, I'm in MD and it's cold here too, electric heat drys the house out, I have used all the saline, even the kind with aloe, but the spray does it for me, I'm not great with it either, just takes practice.

i have this same problem too. mine seems to happen year round. it can be very annoying. sometimes its so bad i have to take mucinex or benadryl to help. i am not sure if its the fibro or not cause i have horriable allergies and sinus problems.
i guess its very possiable its the fibro causing the problems i have never really given it much thought. to me its just another problem to deal with.

Hi Eeyore. I was just thinking about ya and wonderin how you were.

LOVE your new Eeyore. LOL,he even looks sad with his antlers. Poor poor Eeyore.

I hope YOU aren't sad right now. Hope headaches are doing better.

I have been through allergy testing and it came up non allergic rhinitis and vasomotor rhinitis of course. I do feel there is an ailment of the day with fibro. I’m already an anxious person and the ailments make me feel like a hypochondriac some days !

We know tiffy! It just comes with the territory!

FYI 2 weeks of flonase has been wonderful!!!