Pool fun with my son:)

I blew up this family pool thats 103in by 69in by 18in. I guess thats length width and Height I imagine! LOL anyways I took it outside this Morning after sitting in my front room last night lol. I had found a place in the back yard and then I filed it up. Hopefully the Sun will warm the water a little so It wont be a shock to our sytem when we get in.! LOL if not we might have to wait til tomorrow Morning.:( Looking forward to having some pool time yes!!! Time with by Beautiful Son.

Aww this is so sweet! What a blessing to your boy, it sounds like you are a great mom.

My family owns an above ground pool that we will be putting up soon as well, I highly recommend letting the sun warm the water for at least one day after you've filled it, makes a HUGE difference with fibro flare ups!


Awwww! Thanks for tge advice and have fun with your family.:wink:

Enjoy the pool and day with your son. I hope it is a wonderful time together. Smiles!!

Thank you SingingTrees:) hopefully we can enjoy this afternoon if the water warms up:) it’s go cold right now. Lol

Being a Canadian girl. I remember breaking a thin layer of ice on the neighbors pool to go swimming for the first time of the year, when I was a kid, lol. Wouldn’t do it now!!! Good idea to let it warm up.

So you love soccer? My Husband is obsessed with it.

We just finally got some summer temps up here. My grandchildren are in and out all day long, cooling off after Papa gives them yard chores. They've been having to take turns with our pet ducks until finally my daughter came home with a kiddie pool just for them to swim in. So much fun to watch!

I am very happy that you and your son got a turn outside. It's amazing how much better I feel if I can just force myself to leave the house and breathe in the freshness. It's a great way to beef up the Vitamin D in your system as well, both of you! I hope you get to enjoy your pool with your son very soon. I want to hear all about it. Be sweet to yourself!

PeacenLove~Always~Laurel aka Northwoods G-Ma