Please bare with me

I’ve been having serious problems with my computer lately. I tried to respond to all of your posts but was only able to leave hearts! I loved reading everything that you all wrote.
I’m having an extremely bad day. I’m angry and depressed all in one if that makes sense. My Fibro is at an all-time “kick you in the butt” stage so this will be short. I was going to share something with you all but maybe later. I’ll try to see what is going on with my computer and come back later. I thought of a quote today but it’s really dark. It came into my head this morning. Sending gentle hugs to all of you. I’ll try to be back later. I’m going to clean my computer or something!!!


Here’s a ‘How to…’ that may (or may NOT help) :smile:
cleaning my computer
(P.S. This is a joke. PLEASE do not clean your computer in this manner)

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Gramybear - Take care of yourself - :hugs: We enjoy the quotes but don’t stress yourself out over them. They will still be there when you get to feeling better.

And yes, I do understand being angry and depressed all at the same time. I’ve been struggling with that myself today, along with major anxiety, borderline panic attacks.

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No worries, GBear! And “dark” is okay - Just share when you can. “Hearts” are good, too! Your computer is very much in love right now (Or a little confused!). WE :heart: :heart: :heart:YOU!

PS: Sorry you had a bad day. Work has been kicking my butt lately, so I haven’t been able to visit in a couple of days. I did get some injections in my shoulder this week - very helpful.