Hello all you wonderful people:) Relatively new here, but finding the support inspiring...

I am sure that most of you have trouble sleeping because of pain- I am a side sleeper and I have a tough time getting to sleep because the weight of my knees against each other is very painful. Are there any not-so-puffy pillows for between my knees that will stay put that you would recommend for fibro sufferers?

P.S. I sleep through the night currently thanks to Amitryptiline- unless of course I have any anxiety then forget about it. It's getting to sleep I have trouble with....

Thanks again! Have good night everyone.


Hi, they make a pillow exactly for between the knees. Sears, drug stores, alot of places carry them. Good luck, Charlie :)

charile is right there r pillows designed to fit between your knees. i dont think there is a pillow just for us with fibro. right now my best pillow is one made from Boppy. yes the company that makes the semi round pillow for infants. this pillow however is made for the pregnant mommy. i am not pregnant and never have been. my friend heard about the pillow and bought me one. now i dont know how i ever slept with out it.

the pillow i am describing has two parts connected by just fabric so it can twist and turn to make any shape you want. it also comes with a washable cover. one part is kinda like a small throw pillow and the othe end it a cresent kind of shape. i will try to remember to post a picture of it for you. i am not sure exactly where u can get one. i would amingine that any baby store would have one or go check out the boppy website.

i hope u can fine one that works for u. u may have to do some trial and error. best wishes

Thanks, Charlie and Eeyore. :)