Pillows, mattresses

What kind of pillows do you guys use? & what type of mattress do you guys sleep on? I found that one of the reasons why I hardly sleep is because i'm always uncomfortable & what i'm sleeping on could seriously have something to do with that (other than the pain). Any pillow/mattress recommendations?

We bought a tempurpedic this winter and I SWEAR by it. I have to lay flat on my back, and it has improved my sleep tremedously!!

I also put a pillow under my knees sometimes to ease my back, but not very often now that we have a better mattress.

I hope my reply helps :)

I like a firm mattress. I have about 6 pillows as I like to be propped up. I also have made a few small fleece pillows I made to support my neck. Just the easy tie pillows but I like them as I can make them the size and firmness I like.

i use a bunch of different pillows. i have a sobakowa ( japaneese pillow.- it is filled with micro air bead- it stays very cool and very comfy). i also have cloud pillow i got it in Bed bath and Beyond. it is filled with buckwheat. good if one has allergies- also stays cool and comfy. i have pillow for my neck too.good to be propped and supported. my ,mattress if a firm one. Have to try what works for you. best to you. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS

I am a side sleeper and that tends to hit some of my pain points, but I now have a serta beauty rest soft mattress that has the soft springs and layers of memory foam...its like sleeping on a soft cloud and it has helped me a lot.

My husband and I got a Tempurpedic mattress last year and we love it. We got the one that you can change the position of the feet and head and now I sleep much better. It was outrageously expensive but worth it. Before we got the new bed I had a 4 inch foam mattress topper from Overstock.com and it was much better than just the regular mattress. My pillows came with the new bed.

I would definitely recommend the foam mattresses. Good luck with finding something that works for you.

I used to own a Tempur pedic but have switch to the Sleep Number bed and never looked back! Oprah says that you spend a third of your life in bed so you should spend the money on a quality mattress. I agree! What is great about the sleep number mattress is that is has the same memory foam as the Tempur pedic but is fully adjustable for the rest of your life.

Why buy a mattress in a store and be stuck with it? You get home and after a few nights you realize it is too soft or too firm. You can make it more firm or soft depending on your current needs and both sides can have a separate setting for you and your spouse! Later in life if I need my mattress firmer, I can have that without buying a new mattress. My husband and I are extremely pleased and the sleep number exceeded our expectations by 1000%!

My two Westies (dogs) have their own sleep number (45)! LOL and have never slept better.

PS - Costco sells pillows with a “cool gel” layer that keeps my head cool while sleeping.