Pics & Memes that visualize fibromyalgia and other invisible chronic pain illnesses

Yes! I’m that person trying to push the boulder and getting nowhere! Why does life always have to feel that way? Thank you for keeping up the meme thread Jay!
Working full time leaves me no energy for other things. I played games with my granddaughter last night (umm, we also had a short “dance” party, at her insistence - LOL!!!) This morning, I’m sitting here trying to work and really really want to go back to bed! By my third dose of meds, I’ll feel better - Unfortunately, that won’t be until about 4pm. Ha!
I miss everyone, but I’ve burned the candle at both ends for so long that the candle has disintegrated… As you can probably tell, I’m feeling a little depressed lately, which I’m pretty certain is from over 20 years of chronic pain and increasing tiredness. It does help to see that my old pals are still here, with love and encouragement for all :heart:

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LOL, JCS, you could beat me at just about anything this morning! Need MORE caffeine. :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

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Oh I so wish I could boost you up and hope you get some wax back somehow or you could just end the fire before it ends you… :fire:

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Thank you for that! My first laugh of the day, my friend! Guess I’m not dead yet -LOL :crazy_face:

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I like Winnie in the clouds! Just a “feel good” meme and lovely, Jay! :purple_heart:

HAHAHA #123 SO FUNNY! :laughing:

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ElephantSittingOnMan red

How gracious of the web’s elephants not to sit on women…

“Are you sitting comfortably? - Then I’ll begin…”

Ah, found the “request” again here

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Just had to add another elephant! And, you’re right, Jay - They don’t sit on women! Who knew?!

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I think putting meme’s about pain, fibro, etc., is a great idea, and it would bring more awareness of our condition to others.

OR we could just put the “Out of Order” sticker on our forehead (meme above -don’t remember the number) -LOL :upside_down_face:

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When someone asks me when was the Iast time I got a decent night’s sleep: Picture it. Sicily, 1912.

As I’m feeling imploded today I tried looking for images, but only found these…

The scale used for this lego pain assessment tool is roughly like I’d count it, except crying and moaning starts at 7, so I say the drop at 4 doesn’t count as a tear, it’s sort of ‘sweating’ and exasperation.


Look inside yourself… You’re the only one who knows what’s best for you…
#137 Fibromyalgia Flare Causes
Fibromyalgia Flare causes and explanations.

Hey JC,
That Lego Pain Assessment Tool (minus the lego) is basically what my local hospital use as a pain chart, but I agree with you, where they think ‘Level 4-5’ starts and the pain involved in that level can be VERY individual. Individual for the patient, not the dr. For me something like level 8 is death imminent, it’s just at 9-10 it’s death imminent for any mongrel who crosses my path too :rofl: The wifey tells me I’m not a nice patient/person when I’m in pain, my already short fuse doesn’t burn. It just sparks then EXPLODES and god help anybody in the vicinity. Nasty.

The word ‘Sorry’ has become a regular of my vocabulary.

Merl from the Modsupport Team.

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Hey Merl!

I tend to IMplode, which is handy for others and not having to say sorry, so I’d rather not swap :smile_cat:

Up to now I’d often been told the charts are so individual that it’s not possible to make one for everyone, and my docs seldom used one. Praps when filling in these really long electronic questionnaires for pain which take over 30 minutes to do, dunno if you know these. But then they told me that’s also just to later compare with myself. But I’ve always wondered if mine is so much different to others, and this chart shows me it isn’t. But I do hear many people say they have a pain of 10 or 11. For me that’d be the point where I jump out of a window screaming non-stop or praps pass out from pain, but wouldn’t that put us back to 0 :interrobang:. - Not the sort where your head shuts it off and you can run around with an axe in your head without feeling it (Lorimer Mosley) - that’d definitely be 0.
I think only doc tests and treatments have been able to inflict a pain of above 7 on me. :joy: Spinal tap I think was my favourite, by a doc who was probably practicing on me, making me shout several times. Had to do it twice, didn’t work first time… Luckily a nice nurse held and stroked me - that’s something you can always buy me with… :rofl:
I’m actually pain tolerant and have a high threshold.

Those who know me know ‘8 or above, stay away…’ Those who don’t know me stay away anyway (if they’ve got any sense). I find if I can justify it to myself, I can move on more easily. But when there is no obvious cause, no obvious reason my frustration builds which adds to my headache, which adds to my frustration and they feed off of each other.

Post surgery nursey asked me to rate my pain out of 10, I said ‘15’ “Ohh, it can’t be THAT bad” came her response. The surgeon had just cut a 4inch x 4inch chunk out of my skull, my head was absolutely BANGING and this young lady was going to tell me about pain??? “Well, you laydown on the floor and I’ll boot you in the side of the head… Then you can tell me all about it” She was offended at my response, but nowhere near as offended as I (she was lucky I didn’t have an axe that day :rofl: ) As I’ve said to others before, unless you’ve been ‘here’ at this level of pain yourself, personally, you really have no clue just how bad BAD can be. Others may empathise or have ‘some’ idea, but to know it you really have to live it.

Prior to my own neuro situation I thought I knew pain too. Well, wasn’t I given an education. My former 10 on the pain scale might reach a 6-7 now. Some pain is local, within the region/area hurt, but when it’s ‘brain pain’ it can affect EVERYTHING. Some (especially medicos) don’t seem to understand this. They think of all pain as being the same, it’s just the strength that varies. But for those of us who live it know, pain comes in many forms.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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An ever so slightly different pain scale:

So funny - Liebscher & Bracht is very well-known in Germany, and fairly good. But some of the things they say are ridiculous.
Here at 2’50’’ he tells his patient to press a cone under the sternum until it’s 9 to 9.5 on her pain scale. He looks at her and says “ah, you’re looking like 9.5” whilst she is slightly flinching…

They’ve always irritated me with their pain scale, but also with a claim in that that patient of hers used to have fibromyalgia but he has helped her heal it… They do put that differently somewhere else.