Pics & Memes that visualize fibromyalgia and other invisible chronic pain illnesses

Hi JayCS! How are you doing? I want to thank you again for getting those memes for me. That was really nice! As you can tell, I’m not great with technology but I do enjoy learning. So…JCS, how do I print them out? Can I use my printer? Am I able to print each one individually? I think you said you live in England? Are you getting a lot of snow? I live in Illinois and we’re supposed to get 8 to 12 inches of snow by tomorrow. This is not normal. It’s been quite snowy this winter. Brrrrrrrr!

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And great to have you back :star_struck: I put my priority on work, so I haven’t been able to read & write quite so much/quickly.
Hmm, hating when doctors disagree… Praps that’s one additional reason why people often don’t get 2nd opinions! :wink: Of course it’s confusing if you (thought you) were fine believing the first doc as the halfgod s/he isn’t. But actually I then often (try to) glee over it. It empowers me and helps me use them as my servants. I’m the one who’s in charge (as some docs nowadays say too, like - also - my pain mgmt doc, altho she cdn’t help me much). And I have helped myself much more than all my 45 docs together, even tho I wdn’t’ve wanted to miss one single one of them, despite the additional pain some of them caused me or just giving me stories to tell…
Of course it’s very sensible advice to try self-help, i.e. exercises, to the full. Praps the threat of the surgery is ‘helping’ you really to overcome temptation and do them to the full whenever you are able. Good cop, bad cop, good doc, bad doc: what a perfect couple :wink: (Try saying that quickly LOL)

Hi Freedom, thx for asking: energy is staying up, getting a handle on work, ozone seems to be helping as well as the 3h/wk physio & twist-stretching all the time continually improving… It snowed here in Germany a week ago, about 16 inches, first time in 10 years - I love rallye-cycling thru snow, and it was well possible now my energy’s up, really good exercise! My mum in England was disappointed that she got hardly any
Hope you’re better again too…
To print any image here you 1. click on it, 2. click on the blue word “download” at the bottom right of it, 3. opt for “save” if you want to keep it too, or “open”, 4. open the image directly or indirectly, 5. click on “print” in the menu of the program. 6. resize in the print dialogue if necessary. 7. OK.
If small ones are enough, you could use the ones I assembled on the one page and then cut them apart if necessary.
If you want each on a full page, you just click on each of the single images in the thread that you want, same procedure. In that case they will come out fuzzy though.
If you want them bigger, but not too fuzzy, I could quickly spread you out the 5 images on 2 pages.

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HaHaHaHaHa - you totally crack me up, JSC! First laugh therapy of the day! :smile:
We must definitely listen to our bodies, but I think I’ll stop listening until this freezing weather disappears, as my body is not talking - It is YELLING! LOL

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#86 - Climb hill instead … or a mole-hill…


If the mountain seems too big today
then climb a hill instead
if the morning brings you sadness
it’s ok to stay in bed

If the day ahead weighs heavy
and your plans feel like a curse
there’s no shame in rearranging
don’t make yourself feel worse

If a shower stings like needles
and a bath feels like you’ll drown
if you haven’t washed your hair for days
don’t throw away your crown

A day is not a lifetime
a rest is not defeat
don’t think of it as failure
just a quiet, kind retreat

It’s ok to take a moment
from an anxious, fractured mind
the world will not stop turning
while you get realigned

The mountain will still be there
when you want to try again
you can climb it in your own time
just love yourself til then.

Laura Ding-Edwards (

This poem is read by herself here:

and set to music by amateur musicians


has been backed up by a video and slow acoustic music here

It reminds of Rudyard Kipling’s If:








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I think it’s time to take some time for some more… :slight_smile:


When I am resting on a “flare-up day” I need to remember that I’m not wasting the entire doing nothing. I am doing exactly what I need to do. I’m recovering.


Just because you see me posting online doesn’t mean I am feeling better. I am in a ton of pain, but my choices are to sit and cry or try to distract myself. Posting encouragement for others or being encouraged myself is how I face one minute at a time when everything hurts. Lisa Copen

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You are remarkable, JayCS! Thank you for saying what is in our hearts :heart:

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I haven’t been able to allow myself to self-care lately. First step is facing that here with you. Got out some memes which I hadn’t given that many points out of 10, because they didn’t fit me that well, but at the moment they really are me… oh… I’ll stop there… too many… So for a change, I am posting these for me, not for you, selfish, ehm self-caring me ;o) and I’m not going to describe them either, so there. At least not now. :roll_eyes:

#93 SAY - NO - MORE…
pix 5 Fatigued at work

#94 Ehm, is that arrow on the right really going up at all? - Joke or no?

#95 Ehm, how’d this meme get here? I can’t remember choosing it, but it fits 100% today.

#96 YESSSSS :grimacing:


#98 Getting things done at day, getting things done at night, in no time… :roll_eyes:

#99 For everyone on that thread: Spoonie without spoons
pix 7 Don't lose all your spoons


#101 Pulling the rip cord, pulling back from the brink (or am I over already?), putting on the brakes, pulling my plug (or putting it back in for a change?)

pix 7 pace yourself in social activities



LOL loved #95 - I was NEVER a morning person, even before fibro hit! My hubby is just the opposite. I’ve always thought, “How can someone get out of the bed in such a good mood?? Even before caffeine!”
And, I definitely find myself needing that “Out of Order” sticker!
Also, loved Charlie Brown! When my hubby can’t sleep, I suggest that he try to empty his mind of all of the thoughts - He is such a planner! And to take deep breaths. If I’m up to it, I’ll give him a massage, but often my hands aren’t up to it, unfortunately. He refuses to listen to my relaxation videos, but he does like to play a thunderstorm recording, so it is always raining in the bedroom - LOL!
Thanks, once again, JSC, for the great memes! :heart:


Happy Easter! :smiley:


#105 For Good Friday…

This is me the past few days, sleeping 12 or 13h… (partly due to CBD oil…)

And me today after less than 11h…


THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY AND TRUE! :crazy_face: The last meme.

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Wdn’t’ve thought that sleep would get such a problem for me… The only one that isn’t me at the moment is the anxiety one, #113, but there are those times too…

#98, #106, #107 plus


Tomorrow I’ll feel better and be productive - I tell myself for the 1200th night in a row


I am a person who wants to do a lot of things trapped in in the body of a person who wants to sleep


I feel like I could sleep forever


I pretty much spend all day, everyday, just looking forward to going back to sleep.


Morning: exhausted! Afternoon: dying for a nap! Night: can’t sleep!


Anxiety is not being able to sleep because you said something wrong two years ago and can’t stop thinking about it.


Chronic illness: no matter how much sleep you get you will still be tired, and no matter how tired you are still won’t be able to sleep.


Sometimes the most productive thing one can do is to sleep.


I hate that moment when you’re tired and sleepy, but as soon as you get to bed your body is like, “Just kidding”.


I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a normal sleeping pattern.

OMG! This one (#113) cracked me up SO MUCH! Sometimes, this is ME! I have to stop myself and say, “Girl, this is ridiculous!!!” and finally go to sleep!
Thanks, JSC! Sometimes it is very therapeutic to laugh at ourselves :laughing:

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#118 Reposting a great one, seen by @Sheila_W on fa$ebook yonks ago…:

Then looking for further pics hinted at by her, I found this thread

which has cats all over, a bit of a dog here and there, visualizes mainly brain fog,
and the last post tells a story which fits very well in this visualization-thread, and could almost be true…

A nice overview by @Katha I found which I don’t want to be lost:

Holy cow, most of these are extremely relatable. Thank you for posting this and to everyone else who also contributed with their memes. It’s reassuring to know that there are people out there in this vast world that I can relate with and know know what we all have to deal with on a daily basis. Love to all your lovelies. :rose:

I’ve been ‘lazy’ here, but still got 100s in the pipeline… so ask… :slight_smile:

In the meantime I’ve realized today that invisibility is a core “symptom” of fibro and these memes are “treatments”, so I’m putting them at the top of my online symptom & treatment lists (0.), even above pain (1.). Oh: As lack of understanding also may be a additional trigger, for a vicious circle, I’ll put it on “causes/triggers” too.
(It’d got mentions at the beginning, but not clearly enough.)
I’ve also changed this thread title so it reads “visualize … (the) … invisible

Thinking about the term “invisible chronic sicknesses”, I realized that chronicity is another, and complexity (/polysymptomatic) also (via a quote on wordhippo when I looked up chronic as a noun there) as core symptoms.)…

What I’ve added there for the moment as “treatment” is the short form of this:

On the emotional level I try some of the memes/pix, e.g. on threads here or elsewhere (<pics & memes visualize fibromyalgia>, ), clear descriptions (flu, rhino/train, tin man, our drama of “sick etc. on good days, sicker on the others”), if I were a woman, I’d ask if I’m being discriminated as a woman (‘drama queen’/‘overdramatizing’/‘hysterical’) and point out that many men have it too (recent research reflected on wikipedia says 2:1), take my partner with me to a knowledgeable doc.

On the insight level: learn to describe my symptoms clearly, educate myself (books, videos, online resources) to educate all others (docs, partners, friends, bosses, colleagues, acquaintances), brochures & similar summaries…

Thank you. Made me chuckle. I needed that.

For @fibrohelp (pun there too…) - I’ll celebrate you and @Dodi saying hello on this thread with my remaining subjective 10 out of 10s. Before going down to all the many 9s - if anyone is interested…

“I can’t remember the last time I was comfortable, sitting, standing, lying down, playing, relaxing. With fibromyalgia the most I can hope for is the least uncomfortable of all possibilities.”


FIBROMYALGIA is like a tree. It branches out like nerves THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE BODY. Now set those branches on fire. That is what it feels to have FIBROMYALGIA.
pix 10 I don't need to write that down HU 2021-01-08
"The biggest lie I tell myself is “I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it.”
Eugh? It’s no lie: I BELIEVE IT! Every b***** time.


“WORKING WITH CHRONIC PAIN IS LIKE RIDING A BIKE. Except the bike is on fire, and you’re on fire, and everything is on fire, and you’re in Hell.”
(Ehm, I’m a biker/cyclist: Never can I be in hell when I’m on a bike…)

OK, there’s a few more in the same sub-file

“I’m just going to put an “out of order” sticker on my forehead and call it a day.”
(Ehm, yeah, some of my days are just stickers on my forehead, when I’m in brain fog…
Sorry for that, bit cheesy… :rofl:)

#125 I was made aware of this one by a male colleague, who just saw it’s a man (for a change), but didn’t see the butterfly wings…

“Foundation for Chiropractic Progress Supports Fibromyalgia Awareness”


“It’s better to be slow going than to be not going at all! Chronic Pain Hurts!”

and totally off-topic, so not getting a #number, a picture spotted at a charity event for children and thought to look like Winnie the Pooh, posted elsewhere the other day… (my wife thought photoshopped…):