Pics & Memes that visualize fibromyalgia and other invisible chronic pain illnesses

Oh my Lord - this is SO me! :rofl: :rofl:

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@strugglinginKs Yes - like a lead suit or an old diving suit or something like that…

pix 10 butterfly with a weight on


Real life is even “funnier”: My stretching class I did 6x, with everyone 10-20 years older than me, yet their exercises made me cry more than once from cramps, pain and nausea, until I went down to only a third of what they were doing.
Maybe I shouldn’t’ve been polite about it either, instead of doubting myself, but then I’m a truer fibromite than the Ol’ Tin Man, and yet to get there. :wink:

He shouldn’t be confused with certain modern day people wearing tin foil hats nowadays… :smirk_cat: see Weird Al’s “Foil”.

or an age suit:

Just read a great visualizing description (by Jon Rodis), because it helps people empathize, I’ve adapted it a bit:
“Just imagine how you feel with a cold. (Pause.) Weak, praps dizzy, aching a bit, numb? (Pause.): That is how I feel 2 to 3 days a week.
Now imagine how you feel with a flu. (Pause.) Very weak, very aching, numb, can hardly stand, do no chores, let alone work? (Pause.) : That is how I feel the other 4 to 5 days a week.”
I think we perhaps need to add:
“Now imagine you can’t at all sleep properly, tho… And now imagine this for the rest of your life.”

On a similar note, but too complicated to remember for even me without brain fog, this is more for sending around or printing:

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I love it! Yes this is definitely me :wink:

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I think they are ALL wonderful, whether pics or words, JSC!!! We can use as many smiles & laughs as possible - I’m sure GramyB would agree! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Hey - Tell me they didn’t really tie that rock to a butterfly… :scream_cat:


@AussieMom “those who suffer in silence…”

Use these memes as an encouragement ***not*** to keep completely silent!

to offer some of the thoughts / memes to try to convince the prejudices of those people you know who you feel strong enough to tackle or to improve the understanding of those you know who are open already.

#15 Sort of laughing and not-screaming at the same time:

pix 9 Silent Scream


This short remark in the play Don Carlos does not sound like an *appeal* to suffer silently.

We are great souls. Maybe because we manage to partly suffer in silence. BUT we shouldn’t, if possible, see #22 below, and we will then still be great souls.
“Matilda’s heart has no one fathomed yet— Great souls endure in silence.”

pix 6 Great Souls Suffer in Silence

and #17
pix 8 Strongest - smile thru silent pain

#18 and #19
Our fibro maybe silent in that it is invisible, but these memes can help give fibro and us a voice, by the visualization etc.

#20 - Sometimes we just yearn to be understood and believed,
but remember we don’t even understand it ourselves, so let’s start there…


#22 - and to put a slightly drastic end to the moaning about feeling the need to remain silent, and at the same time allowing ourselves to quietly shout out this double suffering:
pix 8 Silence is Gold, Suffering Silently is Sin

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#23 On a similar note to yesterday (but only partly true, so don’t take it to get you down or put others down. Also we don’t completely get (all of) it ourselves, so forgive us and them … )…


I like all of these, JSC! Even the “Suffering Silently is Sin” b/c we aren’t suffering “silently” anymore. We share here honestly. It doesn’t matter if we “see” each other physically or know each other’s name, b/c we know each other’s heart and we feel each other’s pain. :purple_heart:
(I wasn’t trying to rhyme - It just came out that way)
I’m a female FMS-ing Dr. Suess (Note: I said “FMS” not “PMS”) :rofl: Now I just ruined this heartfelt post, didn’t I? I’m WAY overtired and the pain pills are kicking in. Gotta luv me anyway. Ya just gotta. It’s the Ben’s Friend’s law. hahaha @modsupport - Seenie, I’ve truly lost it!!!


One more reply, here. JCS, your pics and words have spoken to me deeply. It reminded me of when I went through my divorce, 20 years ago. I was so sad and angry. I would scream in my car, so no one would hear. Has anyone else here done that? :broken_heart:


Oh, yes, I can so relate. I also did things like pray for a well placed lightning bolt too. And for a time I should have had stock in the chocolate “oranges” that you smack on the counter and they break into segments. I still find those immensely satisfying when someone really stresses me out. Probably not the most “Christian” of actions and thoughts, but I figure it is better to take it out on a chocolate orange than the other person. :roll_eyes: :blush:


Hmm… I tend to say I’ve been getting better and better all my life, physically and mentally, starting at zero, if not minus, so I’m not sure what cd’ve contributed to the fibro, apart from the toll…
But my divorce was 2010-2017, my first bigger fibro-flare 2016, tiredness and Ache started around 2010, swine flu 2011. Go figure? Probly not necessary. :unamused:


The Prince / Princess and the Pea (syndrome)

#24 - I like the phrase "adding insult to injury"

#25 - Gender Discrimination here, what about us Princes?!

Apparently there is a story The Prince and the Pea, probably adapted, but no meme connecting it to fibro. But then fibro seems to discriminate, altho the ratio assumed varies greatly from 1:10 to 1:2.

#26 - my pea is THIS BIG!

#27 - mattresses made of peas

#28 - this is how my wife sees me…

In case you can’t read it:
What was the thread count of those sheets? Like twelve?
“100% polyester too, I bet.”
“AND, if you think I didn’t notice that generic-brand CANNED PEA, you’re sadly mistaken.”
(Oops, I originally thought it said genetically modified… - that’d be more my take on it).


Unfortunately, number 24 is all too true. :cry: I have many friends, neighbors and family that feel this way, including one daughter and my mom. I’m making “mountains out of molehills”, we all have aches and pains, we are all tired, getting old is *ell - all things I have been told recently.

The last one is one of my favorites though because I can usually get a pretty good shock factor :open_mouth: out of people when I reply that getting old sure is *ell - who would of guessed though that it begins before you turned 30 and that by 46 you would routinely be offered and given senior discounts! :rofl:



LOLOLOL Yep - I can totally relate to the “what doesn’t kill you…” pic! Tooooo funny :rofl:

Okay, Struggling, this is probably WAY off topic, but I LOVE chocolate. I’ve never had a chocolate orange, though. Are they wonderful??? Should I get some??? (Not for smacking around so much as for eating…LOL!)

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JSC! I’d always heard that a traumatic physical event can be the start of FMS, but after reading your post, I looked online and saw that prolonged psychological stress can also be the culprit. I always blamed it on my surgeries and arthritis pain, but I’m starting to rethink this… Thank you for your post, my friend. :purple_heart:


I would say - YES! But it does depend some on if you like a subtle flavor to your chocolate. They have orange and raspberry flavored “oranges” but I much prefer the orange.


hehe, I’ve collected quite some reasons over my lifetime… Worked on all my traumas, got them down, but swine flu and prolonged psychological stress (incl. having to work on the traumas) may be parts, yep… :roll_eyes:

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I would maybe lean towards the prolonged psychological stress being the major trigger for me too.

I have had traumatic physical events, including a skull fracture at 6-weeks of age (a infant seat collapsed, dropping me off a counter to the floor) and a couple of car accidents. Growing up with my mom left me with prolonged verbal/mental abuse (and a stretch of sexual abuse when she remarried for a time); the verbal/mental abuse continues still, but I finally have learned to set some boundaries. Add in 2 marriages and the divorces that followed, a miscarriage and 3 pregnancies that ended in C-sections and you have plenty of trauma and stress material. Now whether or not any of it was enough to have triggered things I don’t know or if maybe it was more of a “straw that broke the camels back” type thing.

My 2nd husband and I separated in late 2003 and after a very contentious year the divorce was finalized in late 2004. He slung about everything at me that he could, including accusations that I wasn’t a fit mother and was not mentally stable and I was physically abusive (this was because I would spank if needed). We had another 18 months or so of traumatic visits as they had to spend every other weekend with him and 2 or 3 2-week extended visits each summer (depending on our school schedule). Those ended in 2006 when the courts terminated his visitation rights till he could prove his home was safe. He could still call, write and exchange presents, instead he choose to drop off the face of the earth until about 3 years ago. It was somewhere in this 2 1/2 year stretch that I was in my 2nd car accident too. I was stopped for a red light and the driver behind me wasn’t paying attention - he hit me going 40, never braked. Thankfully, no injuries other than whiplash.

It was during that 2 1/2 year stretch that I really started dealing with all the health issues.