Wishing a happy, peaceful, joyful holiday to all!!! much love, Suzie

Merry Christmas to all. I am new to posting and in need of advice. Just told that I have a nodual on my thyroid by my primary doctor. She sent me to an ent for ringing in my ears and tmj. And referred me to a cancer center for my thyroid. My visit to the ent was 1st and when he found out I had a issue with my thyroid and was referred to someone else by my doctor, he got upset like they were taking money from him or something. He told me I didn’t need to have the nodule biopsy, it could wait and watch it for 6 months. I’m not sure how to react. Too many doctors and too many decisions to be made. Should I take his advice and wait ? Or run to the cancer center to have this checked out.?

Ronda, welcome and Merry Christmas. Please post your inquiry as a discussion. This way you are sure to get more replies and proper attention from our community. Go to Discussions up at top nav bar then click Add and post your discussion.
I am truly sorry to hear of your situation and dilemma. I think if your instinct is telling you the Ent doctor may not have your best interest at heart perhaps you should go back and seek further counsel from your primary who may refer you either to another Ent or back to the specialists at the cancer center. I wish you the best. Please keep us updated on how things progress. We are here for you.

Same to you Suzie! I truly appreciate knowing you. Hugs! Michelle

Happy holidays, Suzie! Huggggggs :wink:

Happy holiday to all! I have had a great day, with my family all with me. I am blessed. Wish the best for all who are on here and fighting the Fibro battle.

Take care, Anne