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PaperCraft and other Crafting!

Hello everyone
I just wondered if anyone did any sort of crafting?
I used to with my mum so did have some supplies and until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t touched it since leaving home. Personally I have found it a life saver, there is concentration and movement , granted not much but it’s there none the less, also I have a foot cycle machine so my legs can get a nice work out aswell. If anyone is interested maybe we could set up a craft group, swaps can be a great activity as well. Thanks for reading everyone. Hugs to you all xx

I would be very interested in the crafting even tho I’m not very crafty. Just something to keep me busy and give my mind something to do :slight_smile:

I want to learn to make this (out of a tea light, you can get a package of 4 for $1 at the Dollar store). He makes me smile.

That is very cute! That is something I could do with my daughters. And they would love that.

I craft I make ribbon trees, bath salts, and rice heating packs. I find that it takes my mind off my pain and helps me feel better.

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I am a yarn crafter, mostly crochet rather than knitting. I've always got about 4 works in progress. Without expressing myself creatively, I'd be lost. I also love aromatherapy and I make terra cotta clay essential oil pendants that diffuse the oil scent. I love to write, and I do that on a blog. I also love to make my own household things instead of using toxic chemicals in my house. For example today I made my own cayenne muscle rub, and a batch of deodorant. I'd love to be part of a crafting group if others want to. It does take my mind off of the pain when things aren't too severe.

I believe this is an older message but I would love to learn how to do crafts. I was wondering if anyone lives in the San Diego area where maybe that might be possible. Thank you so much for the suggestion that’s great.