Paingone tens pen

In the post today I received infomation about paingone original tens pen. Has anyone actually tried the pen rather than the pads and being wired up to a machine? I have tried the latter in the past but found it was too awkward to put the pads on my body and it didn’t work very well so I gave up on it. I realise this pen can only deal with one area at a time but it would be good to get some relief. It did say you have got to press the top button 30/40 times. I am wondering would my arthritic hands be able to do this?

My doctor last week prescribed some Ibuprofen jell that works for a short time.

At the moment I am getting desperate for some relief from pain. I do take nortriptyline 50mg at night. Good for sleep but not for pain.

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@rosebud74 I had one, but I think every brand is a bit different. The one I had was as thick as a felt pen, and it took a lot of strength to push the lever. I wore it out after a few years, so it must have worked a bit. But how would you do it all over your body? It’s mostly to stop the electrical pain signal between the spot that’s hurting and the brain. I have pain cream, but too much can overdose you even through the skin. I use it on my most painful trigger points so I can massage out the knot, which seems to help my whole arm or leg that’s attached to the trigger point. I use dicofenac cream, it’s a prescription, but in some countries you can get it over the counter in a weaker form as Voltaren gel. What has helped my pain the most is magnesium (anti inflammatory and relaxes muscles, helps with stress and sleep, helps with 300 functions in the body); and high dose vit D, which heals the central nervous system, and sublingual vit B drops, which heals individual nerve endings. My life was much harder before I found those.

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Thank you Sheila for your help. That has answered my question would I be able to manage to press down the top. By what you said I do not think so. I take vit D but this time I did not get the high strength. Have a good weekend.