PainCan't sleep

My feet and legs are kiling me. This is worst pain so far since dx little over year ago. I was at a manageable level of pain and my job has become very stressful causing the pain to get much worse.

Wish i could quit, but i am single and need insurance with only sister out of state. Just rambling… very tired but hurting. I wss hoping not to have to take pain meds but its getting too bad.

Dear BaltimoreBaby

Oh yes I know how pain makes it impossible for me to sleep so I can understand it for you as well.

When I was growing up if I had a headache I would ask my mother for an aspirin and she would always say, "Let's wait and see. It might go away by itself. If it gets worse I will give you an aspirin." Though we didn't know at the time my headaches were from sinusitis. Taking an aspirin when the headache was escalating was too late to help.

But now my doctor has told me many times, "Don't wait with pain. Take the medication when it starts." If you wait the medication just can't help you.

Have you tried melatonin? It is sold in the suppliments section at the pharmacy. It has helped me to get a bit more sleep, not a "cure" but gets me to relax and dose off

Thanks rachel. Going to take now. I have to work so i need all sleep i can get! Goodnight.

Melatonin is good and usually helps… pain is just too bad tonight.

Don\t wait, pain meds do not work well if you wait to long. Hope you feel better soon, Charlie :)