Pain worsened by clothes?

I know I’ve read about some of us fibro sufferers being sensitive to certain fabrics and stuff. I’ve noticed lately that even pulling jeans on hurts my legs. If I wear them more than a couple hours my waist and legs hurt horribly (almost like they’re way too small around the waist though they aren’t). I have worn elastic waist pants with no problem and other pants besides jeans with no problem. I just hate it because I’m not 30 until March and it seems like this is progressing quickly.

Anyone else have trouble with clothing? What works best for you?

Hello smalltowngirl,

Yes, I have had trouble with clothing too. As I am a little bit older than you, I don't miss jeans, but I can understand that you would. (My daughters of similar ages to you live in the them, and love them). I find that leggings or jeggings work for me. They have to be soft touch tho'. elasticated waists and no stiff waistbands, buttons or zips. also the same with tops, soft touch. Bras are also a problem, can't stand to wear them too long, only when I go out, then straight off when I come home. Hope you get some good advice from some of our younger members, I know there are people here with the same problem.

Take care, Anne

Yes clothing does impact my pain also. Being a guy and older I tend to wear fairly loose clothing which helps. Now when it comes to bed sheets I am Extremly sensitive. I live in Michigan so my winter sheets are super fluffy flannel. These sheets give me the best sleep. They seem to help settle down the nerve pain which improves my sleep. In the summer I buy high quality super soft Cotten sheets. When I visit hotels I sometimes have difficulty since many sheets are not that soft.
When I wear anything tight around my waist like you, it can only be a few hours before I have to change. My waist seems to be the most sensitive, so some I buy a comfort waist pant to help with it being to tight.
When I buy anything new it Must be washed before I can wear it to soften it up.
Good Luck to you!

Sorry to hear you are having this trouble! I am only 25 and have started to notice trouble with clothing too. I hate it. Thankfully 4/5 of the days I work, I get to work from home so I stay in comfy soft sweats. The days that I do have to go in to the office is often miserable. I almost always go home feeling sore. Dress pants and shirts, are not always the most comfortable. Our dress code is fairly strict so I can't get away with much. No matter what brand or size pants I wear, they usually severely irritate me at least half way through the day. Bras are awful to wear. I try to get away with wearing tank tops for support whenever I can but as a big chested girl its not always easy. I try my best to wash my clothes before wearing them and using sensitive skin fabric softener to soften them up. Maxi dresses that are soft are also fantastic for wearing out. Those are my go to whenever I need to look semi nice. Other then that, not sure there is much we can do. I am interested to see as well what suggestions others have.

Hi i am 27 and i never wear tight clothing.I never wear jeans as they are too painful to wear.I dont wear a bra because it hurts too much i wear sweatpants when going outside and once i am inside i put on pjs and fluffy socks.Sorry i cant be of much help ,i am also interested in suggestions others have.

Hi, the heightened skin pain sensations in Fibro are considered Allodynia. Some of the nerve pain medications have helped others here with this type of pain. I myself use magnesium soaks and sometimes ice to treat it. Massage has also helped me. As for clothing mindful of fashion, I find a flowing tunic type top worn with non-constrictive cotton leggings my go to these days for comfort. Best wishes.

I personally can say there are days when certain types of clothes bother me. As a guy when I have a bad fibro day sometimes if I wear cotton dress pants even them brushing the hair on my legs can send pain through me. Sweats it is for the day that day or better yet, basketball shorts.

Reading this really is having an impact on me. I was diagnosed with FM probably two perhaps three decades ago. I have continued to remain in denial as I felt they just didn’t know what was wrong. Now I see comments about clothing, bra line, waistbands, fabric just touching the skin. I read on another post about feeling like you are having a heart attack. The nerve pain, leg pain, foot pain, BODY PAIN. I at times have felt I was going crazy, very often in fact. I have been down for a month now with severe abdominal pain. Have been to the ER. They found nothing??? If I sit or stand my entire pelvic are hurts so bad, like a urinary track infection and more. Inside of my thigh. I have several herniated disc as well as two cysts in the thoracic. Now I am dealing with several lumps, most around my ankles but a few going up my leh. I see a surgeon Monday for one under my shoulder blade the size of an orange. Someone say this is just part of FM. I am soooooo very tired of the pain.

Yes, I can't wear what I call "real people clothes" (aka not comfy loose-fitting pajamas) for very long, so I live in my jammies when I'm at home - which is most of the time.

I also can't stand to wear anything that's bumpy or has texture at all - like when sweatshirts and sweaters get pilly, or flannel or fleece *shudder*. Or if there is like lace trimming or an embroidered design on the front of something or weird seam lines that you can feel thru the cloth... stuff like that makes me bonkers. I'm really only comfy in plain cotton (like t-shirt material) or satiney materials. And my pjs are 2 sizes larger than I need regular clothes to be so they kinda fall off me, but then that way they aren't constantly touching and poking at my skin.

I also end up tearing all tags out of my clothing because I can't stand the way they grate and rub against my skin! Yewuch!

Clothing was a problem for me, too. I could only wear things that were really loose. In fact, I was so sensitive that the sensation of a ceiling fan was unbearable. People thought I was nuts.

I saw this article and thought of you...

I sometimes have periods when my skin is extremely sensitive. When it is really bad any contact burns as though I had just touched a hot pan. For me it tends to happen most on the tops of my feet and shins. Sometimes it is torture to wear shoes or socks. When it acts up I have to sleep with my feet uncovered by sheets or blankets. I find that it is soothing when I have a fan blow gently over the sensitized area. It also helps wear sandals and a skirt when I can (at work I have to wear steel toe shoes and long pants)

There is a support group on fb for people with Allodynia. Allodynia associated with clothes and or touch pain. Please join if you have clothes pain & or touch pain.


I have horrible problems with clothing, especially bras and jeans. Since I don’t work now, I don’t have to worry about it so much, but if I have to go out, I found that a sports bra is the best. I typically wear pants with elastic or buy a size bigger so they are loose. If I am at home, I wear lose sweats or cotton shorts with elastic wasteband. I also cannot stand sheets. I have to sleep on top of my bed using just a light blanket; I am glad I am not the only one. It is amazing how we all have so much in common.

Hope all works out!

Please join my fb support grpup then.

We talk about everything that helps and works on the support group. So please request to join. We are almost 200 people now.