Pain worse tonight

Have had analgesia stopped by doc on Monday, pain worsening since. still on Cymbalta and tegretol does not seem to be helping. Just needed a moan


Dear Ann,

My heart goes out to you, that you suffer with TN, I have read enough about it, that if anyone deserves to have pain relief, it would be you. I would be on this Dr, or at the ER. I just would NOT let them off the hook on this!

I hope you can get some relief NOW!


I had a doctor do that to me before. Makes you feel like hiring a hit man to go break his kneecaps so he can feel what pain is like. He sent me to a pain specialist, but it took me two weeks of pain before I could get in with him. The doctors are afraid to prescribe pain meds. It’s not fair to patients.

Oh Ann. Yikes. That just doesn't make sense. What an insensitive doc. He's right up there with Teresa's doctor. You need to do something, Ann. If I were there I'd drive you. You need relief from your pain. So sorry.

very gentle hugs,



I am so sorry that you are going through so much pain. Your doctor clearly does not understand your situation. Does heat help? Or cold ?

is there anything over the counter that you can take that works?

If alleles fails have a stiff drink. Take Care Barb

My mother had this and she had some type of surgery. She used to grab her face and shove into one side of a hard pillow.

I have a pain dr who feels no pain so I went today determined to get morphine. I have more than fibro. I told him all the other drs who agreed. He got the number of one to call. He was only giving me 45 Nyucenta for 60 days anyway-please. Well, the nurse, I taught her boys, and my manfriend spoke to him. The nurse came back in with 120 Nyucenta.

Keep trying. You’ve got a painful issue hon. All of us should not suffer.

Hang in there… A hot bath helps me… A heating pad… Remember to be KIND to yourself!!
My pain comes and goes… Some days are better than others… Some days I CAN’T function… Be gentle with yourself…
Soft hugs,

I had another thought.Take a man with you to the next appointment,it’s amazing what a difference it makes. barb

A STIFF DRINK!! love it!!

Sure it did not help to have the trouble with your Doctor....i know as i saw my idiot doctor i kept getting more physically ill the last 3 months plus my BP was almost doubled.

IF you are in severe pain please go to urgent care or even ER. They should give you something to at least make it manageable till you can get into the doctor who treats it. If it was that creep, please be honest and tell the doctor and nurse assisting you ...often they will know what doctors in your area will be sympathetic as well as knowledgeable to your health problems.

I am so sorry....i got sick too...which is the complete opposite of Do No us patients excuse for any doctor to cause more harm. i am so sorry and hope you got relief.

I agree about this...which is sad state for this day in age. But time and time again studies show that both men and women doctors do not take women's pain as seriously as they will a man's pain.

Plus, men do not get emotional and i try very hard to never cry or get emotional even if the doctor is a jerk as it they then rationalize it as we are over emotional and not thinking logically. Much better to turn it back on the doctor and ask them to explain why they have that belief about your health or how they came to that conclusion.

But men get treated much more rougher and not as kind when it comes to painful tests trade off

Please feel free to moan, Ann. You have every right to do so. We certainly understand where you're coming from!

Why did he stop the analgesia? Are you having problems with it?

I think it would be a good idea to call him and let him know about this if it's no better in a day or two. Or sooner if you're in a lot of pain.



Dear Ann: I am so sorry for your pain. If it is really unbearable I would go to ER, but, of course, you have to wait hours to be seen by anybody. It is true, these doctors must be getting heat for prescribing too many drugs. We, however, need it for our pain. We are the ones who are being punished, mostly middle-aged women, what a joke! I have been from doctor to doctor and they keep saying they can no longer do anything. Now I am seeing a pain specialist and he gave me something to relieve the pain, finally, I mean the pain is still there, but at least I can manage it. I mean, that's all we really want, is to be able to do normal things. Take care and have a strong drink or take a sleeping pill so you can just go to sleep tonight and not feel the pain.

Me too! Barb is so funny!

hey i agree...moan, vent all you need..we all understand! I just feel bad that you are suffering. I just hope that people realize if you are severe pain, just where you are crying and totally suffering, cannot sleep,eat etc...go to urgent care or ER. They should give you something to make it manageable until you can see your regular doctor for this problem.

They can tell difference easily by someone in severe pain vs drug seeking so do not worry...medically your body will react to severe pain. So do not worry about that is what they are going to think. again i am so sorry and hope it is better by now

Remember if it is bath with epsom salts does really work..i will literally stay in bath for hours till i get so i have had decent break. I will go back in during middle of night if i have too to get relief. But i realize not all works for everyone.


I am on cymbalta and lyrica and both are not working even though the dose has been doubled. Cymbalta worked to start but now seems to have no affect. Lyrica has done nothing for me. I am also on hydromorph 12 mg 4x a day and it to does nothing. Pain is always here and there, poly neuropathy I think they call it. feet legs hips calves, knees, lower back. It roams and at times is in two and three places. Life is hell for sure. keep a smile on and dig deep for those reserves that I know you have. One of these days a cure will arrive.

cheers, butter

Oh my… Pain… Yep, know All About It! The doctors don’t know WHAT to do for pain… They get grief if they ‘over prescribe’ and are liable… The ‘drug-seekers’ have made it worse for those of us who HAVE legitimate pain… We AREN’T looking to ‘get high’ we WANT AND NEED RELIEF from REAL pain! So, the doctors are in a bad place too… I say, DOCUMENT your pain… Write it down… Bring it to your doctor and bring a friend, your husband, kids, WHOEVER who can ‘vouch’ for you! Let your doctor know that your pain IS REAL!! I suffered for YEARS… BUT, be CAREFUL TOO… All pain meds are NOT the same… I’d try to stay away from the Narcotics… I got MESSED UP with that stuff! If you do go that route, keep it to ONE! My doctor had me on 4 (yes FOUR) different narcotics at once! I didn’t HAVE a ‘quality of life’… I was TOO STONED! What I think we WANT is to be FUNCTIONAL… NOT DRUGGED!! Pain can RUIN your life, but ‘checking out’ on narcotics is NOT the answer… Lyrica, Cymbalta, and other meds can help some people with Fibromyalgia… But, it’s not for everyone and it can take up to 6 mos. to even find out if it helps… My ribs and arms hurt SO BAD sometimes I want to SCREAM!!! Hot baths and a heating pad does help a bit… But it’s not perfect…
All I can say is that God better be building me a PALACE in Heaven… For all the PAIN I’ve suffered on this Earth! LOL!!!
Hang in there… I’m thinking if you!

SIX MONTHS!!! Holy cow. some things take forever, but nothing has clicked for the butter guy. I have seen individuals that take pain meds that are just enough to cover the pain and no more. They enjoy a reasonable happy working life. Why can't docs find that level for us. There has to be a way of measuring pain and then subscribing whatever to overcome it. I have not been anywhere near high on my meds. I might as well eat grapes, nuts and raisons for all the help my meds do. Oh well, Diana, into the bath for at least some temp help.


I was on Lyrica didnt help, added Cymbalta that made me feel dead inside so that one had to go!


I think I am taking what you said, word for word and add my name.....I am surprised that all of our stories are so similar.

What an awful way we have to live!