Pain with fever? Insane levels?

Hello all. So I was just diagnosed with fibro a few months ago, it got really really bad after I was sick in March. I’ve had it for at least 5 years but it just took them forever to diagnose. In March, I was very sick and every symptom came out out once, which I guess was a blessing in disguise because they were finally able to actually diagnose it. Anyway, about a week ago I got sick again and I am having absolutely INSANE body aches. Like I want to cut off my legs. I have a fever (low grade, but I’m constantly rotating Advil and Tylenol every chance I get). Is this normal with fibro? Right now I’m not on any other medicines…we’re experimenting and having a hard time with side effects. I guess I’m just wondering if this is normal with fever or is this just going to be my life from now on?

Hi Chameleona, Feverish-feelings seem to be normal, I have them often, but not with real fever, I don’t think. I wouldn’t take meds with low grade fever, I’d try to get it down with other ways (cold showering (& cryotherapy) / breath-hold-exercises, good against the Big Ache too: see my other mails or ask), or leave the meds be, praps the fever is helping something else in your body and the meds are more of a problem, as you are saying? What happens if you don’t take them? Does it shoot up? How high is low grade? On the one hand accepting it and not worrying overly is the first step, but looking for solutions without meds would be a way of not being satisfied with this keeping on.

Fever was about 99.9 and around there. I definitely have some kind of viral thing (not covid, apparently, as my test was negative), because I also have a cough, nasal congestion, and upset stomach. Today seems better. I’m thinking the body aches were fever aches amplified by fibro. Today I actually feel quite a bit better and the fever is gone. I’ve had body aches with fever before but never like that, I felt like I wanted to die! I was panicking a bit!

OK, I spose I should have realized the panic and asked for how long you’ve had it… ;-D

Glad you feel better…have a best day!

Hello Chameleona I was in the hospital twice last month with similar symptoms as yours doctors put it down to some sort of stomach virus but they still do not know what kind of virus I was pretty ill and could not eat or keep anything in my stomach even after coming home it took me a long time to get it fully out of my system was the medication your taking prescribed by your GP why dont you try and get an appointment with your doctor to discuss how you have been if you have not already done so.
Hope you are feeling a bit better .Take Care Annnette Mod Squad.

I am much better now! I guess the fever just amplified my usual pain to a crazy level. It’ll take me a while to get back to normal but at least I don’t feel like it would be less painful to cut my legs off anymore.

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