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Pain RX

This PAIN RX may be new to most of you but I’ve been taking it mixed with my other otc pain stuff every 6 hrs during 24 hr period. I believe it does help.

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I deal with a mess from a 2010 hip replacement so very complex mess of pain issues, including nerve damage and a lot of numbness on my right side of body…and damaged knee and ankle.

Jaminhealth, I noticed this post on the way through this afternoon and I’m afraid it sounds an awful lot like a drug recommendation. We don’t allow those on this network. Yes, people do tell their experiences with drugs, but when you combine an enthusiastic recommendation with a link to a seller, it starts looking like a pharmaceutical promotion.

We have a saying around here that goes like this: “Describe, don’t prescribe.” Tell your experience, but please don’t do any promotion.

And again, a decision to take an OTC med should always be cleared with all your docs and also your pharmacist.

Seenie from Modsupport

Excuse me, I’ll back off…Just giving info on pain therapies other than the hard drugs so many use.

I’m one who does not buy into the hard core pharma damaging drugs, including all the meds, like Lyrica and I guess it’s OK to discuss Lyrica here…not me.

So moderator you are saying just Listen to others but don’t give any advice support etc…what kind of health group is t his?

So I guess I cannot discuss my 25 yrs of taking grape seed extract and all the great benefits I’ve gotten…Right???

Not at all. Please do share your experiences: that’s what Ben’s Friends is all about. But please do so without creating the appearance of promotion or advertising, and without making others feel like the choices they have made are the wrong ones.

Did you notice the alteration I made to your post? We are happy to have you share whatever has worked for you, but when what you say starts looking like the work of a salesperson, we cast a second glance.

Our mission is primarily social and emotional support, but of course that cannot be separated from the medical treatments we receive. Our communities are very good sources of information for treatments of all kinds, and people are free to share and discuss anything that is not illegal or dangerous. Our founder, board and administrators have chosen evidence-based conventional medicine as our focus just as other sites have theirs.

So I guess I cannot discuss my 25 yrs of taking grape seed extract and all the great benefits I’ve gotten…Right???

We’re very happy to have people share information about alternative medicine and other treatment modalities, but we group those together in our “Complementary Therapies” section. OTC medications, herbals and homeopathic remedies all fit into that category. And whenever possible (which means whenever we see them) those recommendations get a caveat about telling your doctors (and, if you can, your pharmacist) that you are taking them. But feel free to discuss your lengthy experience with grape seed extract.

Excuse me, I’ll back off…Just giving info on pain therapies other than the hard drugs so many use.

I’m sorry you misunderstood the intent of my previous post, and that you felt the need to convey your questions and comments to me in aggressive language. Again: we value your sharing your experience without creating the appearance of promoting a particular product, and without making others feel that they are being criticized for the choices that they have made for themselves.

Thank you for asking for a clarification, Jaminhealth. For every person who asks, there are usually several who don’t bother, and I’m sure they appreciated your inquiry as well.

Seenie from ModSupport

@Davey02766 @Annette78, FYI

I don’t Push anything but always offer here and to the other groups I’m a member…no issues…

All I said was I’ve taken Pain RX for years and showed a print out of what it’s all about. Same with the Topricin I have used for years and it helps me a lot…

And the grape seed Extract has been a salvation in my life and as I said taking it 25 yrs…no colds, no flu, no vaccines. Thanks.

PS: I just posted some good info on Vit D and it’s hidden in another area so doesn’t even show here…

That’s good, Jaminhealth. Thanks for the reply.


In my opinion, very well said and handled Seenie hope you are well.

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Dear Jaminhealth,
I feel like this statement is putting down those of us who are able to get up every day and live our lives because we are on prescription medications. I am on low doses of a combination of meds that work together to help numb the terrible pain caused by fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease and arthritis.
I believe that on this site we should be able to discuss our own therapies without fear of being criticized or looked down upon. JMHO.

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This conversation has assumed a tone of antagonism which we cannot tolerate. Ben’s friends is a place where we share and support. It is a place where we can tell our stories openly, but we ask that everyone do so with kindness and respect. Your path and your choices are yours: other members have theirs. It is possible to disagree without being unkind, to make different choices without being judgemental, and to explain without causing others pain. That is what we ask you to do.

Please remember that we are all rare disease patients: our members, moderators and administrators, and treat eachother accordingly.


Well stated @AussieMom. It is a support site. Fine to discuss your PERSONAL experience and even vent from time to time but to direct anything but support to another member is never acceptable and as Seenie said never tolerated.