Pain related to fibromyalgia?

Hi! About 7 weeks ago I injured my left knee. Small tear to meniscus, small tear to ACL, sprained ACL, femoral condyle fracture. I was hit by a large wave in the ocean. Anyway, about 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have had pain all over my body except for yesterday and today. :slight_smile: What reeeaaaallllyyyy has hurt yesterday and today is my left knee and the two bones that go from my knee to my ankle ( tibia and fibula). Can fibromyalgia create greater pain to my injured left knee and bones? I can’t tell if I re injured my knee or the fibro is intensifying the pain. What is your experience? For some reason, yesterday and today I have had little “ body pain” . Very strange. I’m very new to fibromyalgia. For three weeks I’ve had severe body pain all over with a lot of fatigue and a pinch of fibro fog. Again, except for my knee, yesterday and today were good. Is this normal? Thanks for sharing your experiences!

For me, my Fibro pain hits where I have been injured before. I broke my right ankle last March & the Ankle Dr told me it could take up to a yr & a half to completely heal. Soooo hopefully this Sept it will be healed. Unfortunately, my answer to you is yes. I have good days & bad days & very bad days. What gets “attacked” most is my lower back, right wrist & right ankle. Call your PCP to make sure he/she knows what is going on. Peace, Light & Love