Pain meds

So my doc is very stingy with giving pain meds. I don't need them often, but when I do, I DO!! I still work full time and have three kids (they are older but kids nonetheless). I would say one to two times a week I wish I had something to take. The rest of the time I kind of paint on a smile during work and just go to bed after. I wonder if it would be easier to do something, anything, after work if I had pain meds. I know the kids would like it if that was possible. I take gabapentin,cymbalta,alprazolam,buspirone,levothyroxine (thyroid don't work, yay me), and clonazepam. Most of these are for anxiety. He always gives the speech about how pain meds can be addicting. I have never had that issue so I don't understand why I have to beg for them and sometimes he gives some and sometimes he don't.

Hi Sam. Gabapentin, like Lyrica, is for nerve pain. Cymbalta while for depression, is also used to treat nerve pain. The rest, except for levothytoxine, are for anxiety.I am not a doctor, I just like to be informed and look a lot up on If you like your doc/have been seeing him for a while you might want to have a heart to heart about just needing something for the breakthrough pain.Tell him what you wrote here, that you think your quality of life would be better if you could do more than work and sleep. If he srill cant get passed the possibiliy of addiction, find a new doctor.

Good luck,


I know what each of my meds do and why I take each one. Gabapentin is for the fibro. Cymbalta is for both the fibro and anxiety/depression. The rest are all anxiety. The fibro meds just are not doing enough. I need something else or pain meds or maybe muscle relaxers. I don't know and just hate how some docs give whatever someone asks for and others are suspicious.


I didn't mean to sound condesending. Not everyone knows which meds do what. I understand, I can't stand the way doctors treat those of us that are in legitamate pain. Depending on the office, they can treat you like some kind of criminal when all you want is relief!

Is your doctor a GP/family medicine doc? You could ask for a referral to a pain clinic which are usually staffed by neurologists. They might be willing to prescribe pain meds. Just keep in mind that the DEA made a number of changes this past fall making it much harder to get pain meds, and the parameters are more rigid. In general, a narcotic (opiate) like Vicodin/Norco is now a triplicate, so you cannot get refills and have to go pick up the written prescription in person every month. Usually you have to see the doctor every month also. You cannot get refills even a day early.
You might want to ask your doctor about trying Tramadol, it’s not a true opiate but has similar effects and is often the first pain med that is used for Fibro patients. It currently does not require a triplicate. Let us know what happens.

Shmoots1 I did not feel like you were condesending I just wanted to clarify. I forgot also the levothyroxine is of course for my jacked up thyroid. Starr I see a rheumatologist for my fibro.

I am glad Sam. I also take levothyroxine for messed up thyroid. lol

Some research has suggested a connection between thyroid issues and fibro. They don't know for sure. I was diagnosed with the jacked up thyroid then two months later with fibro. I know I had both going on long before diagnosis. Who knows???