Pain in my bones

the last few weeks i have noticed severe pain that seems like my bones are hurting. i have been having this happen in differnt areas of my body. it seems to the worst on my legs. but i also seem to have down in my privite area and that hurts alot.(since it isnt clear by my name i am a woman) i have no idea if this is like some sort of horriable flare or if the pain is not related to fibro at all.

my dr did test me for lupus but i havent gone back in to get the results. i am not sure if the pain is from that. i know my dr has me results back but part of me is scared to go find out the results. when i looked up lupus i have so many of the symptoms. i have alot of symptoms now that are not part of fibro and i am not sure if feeling pain in your bones is one of them.

anybody who can shed some light on this i would be very greatfull. i am in so much pain at times i dont want to move in fear of more pain. i am happy to have a job and be making money but part of me wishes i didnt work.

thank you in advance for your help

Eeyoreluver aka Stephanie

There is a type of vaginal pain that is related to fibro. I forget the name. I will look it up later. I have it, too. I read about it in an article written by Adrienne Delwood on I highly recommend her articles

There are multiple reasons for pelvic pain. A gynecologist or a urologist is a good place to start.

Good luck Disney lover.

I have pain in my bones too. I noticed it has been ba these past few days in the cold. The bones in the top of my feet hurt, my ankles, hips, and knees hurt. I couldn’t keep up with my husband in the store yesterday :frowning: I was diagnosed wit fibro but the doc said I may also have arthirits. So far all tests for autoimmune diseases are negative. Hope u feel better and find the relief u need.

For quite a while now I've had a pain in my ankle that feels as though the bone is going to splinter but recently the pain has moved up the side of my calf. It's really not pleasant at all every step I take I think my leg is going to break. Quite scary. I only hope it doesn't go any further. I also have it in my wrist but not as bad recently. Maybe the new leg thing has taken the attention away from the wrist?!? ;) We are in summer here at the moment so I can't blame the cold either.

I hope your pain eases soon.

I’m afraid the severe bone pain is one of my major symptoms, particularly all of the bones in my feet and the joints between the toes and foot. Severely limits my walking on many days.I also have severe tendon and ligament pains in feet. Wrists also. In fact, like many here, could go on and list many bones but feet really impact one’s daily life.

thank you for the link. i do have Interstitial cystitis. i found out i had it 9 years ago.

i am so sorry you struggle with this same pain.

thank you for responding. i hope that your pain doesnt get worse. i am glad u r not haviing weather like mine. the temp around here keeps changing. we go from being in the 30's then up to the 60's and back all in one week. right now are expecting a bad snow storm.

when i was in the store i just got in one of the riding carts. there was no way i was going to walk. dont feel bad if u do this.

i will get in with one. right now i am afraid to go cause i dont want anymore pain. i am afraid the exam will hurt cause they usually do.

thank you that would be great to find out more about it.

thanks that is a great idea.

i am sorry that you have so much pain i hope you can find something to help with the pain.

Oh I would love to see some snow! We had 102F this week and really humid. Didn't even get a decent storm to cool things down. I'd love to find somewhere that has spring/autumn all year round! ;)

Oh sooo beautiful! Thank you Angel I feel cooler already!

It’s so pretty. Can it do that by me but have the snow miss all the roads, sidewalks, and driveways Please???

That’s way to hot for me.

In a perfect world! O wooould'n it be loverly!

I definitely feel your pain literally. My right wrist have been aching for several weeks. About 2 months ago my right knee would ache and hurt too. But I have arthritis along with fibro. Heat helps mine, alot. I also work and grateful for my job but it is getting tough . One day at time ! Thats what I’m learning to do.

Ask them to use lidocaine. I do. It numbs you and helps a lot.