Pain in joints?

I just read several websites on Fibro and non of them said joint pain is a symptom of fibromyalgia. I have pain in my muscles too but this Fibro flare is effecting my wrists, fingers, knees, and ankle joints and the bones(joints) in my feet. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in July. It seems like every time I have a flare, it is different from the one before. Does anyone else experience joint pain too? Are your Fibro flares different each time you have one?

I have problems with my joints also. I have post traumatic arthritis in both of my wrist, so it’s not always painful because of the Fibro. But it does bother my knees, ankles, and elbows. As far as the flair-ups, I get what I call mini ones, and major. Major ones are horrible and sometimes can take a week or more to get back to my usual Fibo self. It’s difficult to deal with at times, and makes my depression worse. I wish you the best in your health and your struggle with this.

Hi Yes my joints are extremely painful. I cannot sit down for a long time, as my legs are never straight when I try to get up. We have a large shopping centre back in the UK where I live, and I avoid it if I can. The floor is too hard for me, and I come away in agony. Not sure about yourself but my thumb now looks as if it has a lump on it, but I was told by the GP that it is my body trying to repair itself. I drop things frequently as my hands now are weak and have lost their grip. So yes I too have so much pain, that I am now thinking it has triggered off something else.

Karen xx

I’ve seen a few that claim joint pain as a fibro symptom. Sometimes I think that they don’t know what fibro symptoms really are. Awhile ago inflammation was not considered to happen with fibro… But instead was arthritis… Now it is. I personally do not have joint pain (my pain is deep muscle, skin, but not joint).I never have any swelling or external inflammation… Though there could be internal inflammation.

@Freedom: All those different websites will lead you to another website and when I tried that, I got so confused. Go to the trusted websites like Medline Plus and Mayo Clinic to do research. Joint pain is related to muscle pain. Your muscles are spasming and that will eventually cause the joint pain you and others feel. The joint takes the brunt of having to work more when your muscles are spasming. I suffer from this as well as the muscles spasming all the time. Every day, all day and into the night. You could have gouty arthritis which will effect your bones. I was diagnosed with it two years ago (gouty arthritis).

My flares were different each time I had them, but now I think I am in a constant flare all the time because of stress. I have a lot of stress in my life and I am always thinking about things subconsciously and my muscles are always so tight that the only time I can tell they are tight is when I consciously make my body relax. It is horrible.

I definitely have joint pain: in my fingers, thumbs, knees, hips, elbows, shoulders, neck and back (spine). But I also have diagnoses of spinal stenosis in my neck and back, and osteoarthritis, and I have old shoulder and back injuries.

Joint pain technically is different from muscle or tendon pain, but both tendon and muscle pain can “refer” pain to the joints. Plus, tendons are right on joints, so if you have pain in a tendon, it can feel that the pain is in your joint (for instance: the rotator tendons of the shoulder (I am a retired/disabled P.T.) Not to mention, osteoarthritis for one, often goes along with, or is found in, people with fibromyalgia.

I have so many different areas of pain in my body, flares often affect different areas. Anyway, I have also read somewhere on line that yes, people with fibromyalgia often complain of joint pain, though it is probably only felt there but is really caused by tendon or muscle pain. I agree though that so much is still undiscovered about fibromyalgia.

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I have always had joint pains, but also old injuries…like an ankle injury that i was older by the time the injury was found…i would complain of pain in the ankle , but x rays and later mri did not show the injury.l

So i feel like our body mechanics can get thrown off , by other pains…

I have a lot of tendonitis also as a symptom…our ligaments can be involved also, so the joint pain may be from soft tissues that support the joint.

Once when i had knee pain , but did not show an injury , i was able to rehab the knee using an indoor bike…

“They”( medical professionals) say that FMS pain tends to be felt along long muscle groups but I don’t think “they” have a real handle on what Fibromyalgia is and does to people. I experience joint pain as well. Lately and for NO trauma or injury reason I can think of; the outer aspect of my right knee intermittently throbs with pain once I lie down at night. Ironically, I fractured the tibial plateau of LEFT knee nearly a year ago and THAT knee doesn’t bother me at all!
All that said, I have arthritis, and come from a long family history of extensive arthritis. There a good chance you do too, just based on how common it is.
It just adds to the frustration… I can’t remember day or time when I wasn’t experiencing pain somewhere in my body.
I wish I could be more upbeat and more supportive this morning, but the pain is ahead by too many points already. I’ll try to work through it; cuz that’s what we do.
Hang in there today. Look for beauty. Find something to be grateful for. I’m grateful for heating pads and ice packs today😬

Yes i have joint pain daily, i have gone to the Er for the pain was so severe my pain med’s and other med’s did not touch it. I had to have iv pain med to get it under control.The morning and evenings are when it effects me the most, getting out of bed takes me a few minutes to get up. I tell my Rheumatologist that i have to lube my joints by moving them before getting out of bed. On days when i am real stiff i call it my Tin man day, all’s i can do is sit for moving around is to painful. My Fibro flares are different each time, my pain is always there but the flares send me over the edge to where i have to take hot showers and pain med’s then into bed to try to relax.Soft hugs,