Pain Doc Appt. ... A Waste!

You definitely have a fabulous doctor!! This is what I am talking about. Doctors actually caring about their patients! This is the way my Father was. In all the years he practiced medicine ( he was an Orthepedic) he had numerous patients that could not pay their fees. He was perfectly find with this. However, he couldn't control what the hospital charged. There were so many people that were grateful to him, they would send him beautiful things for Christmas. Which embarrassed him! (Smile) Oh!!! Those days are gone - huh?? Well, we just have to be more diligent in searching for the very few that are still around. When my Father was a doctor, things were different. People cared about other people, they respected the Medical field and most everyone got quality care. Now??? Don't get me started!! LOL Gail, your article was great! You have the same attitude I have about doctors today. It's so sad and so frustrating! HUGE hugs, Laurie

OMG. Can you contact someone from Legal Aid and ask them if they can help you to push for legal remediation? Or write an Op Ed letter to your local newspaper? Or write to a local tv station that helps people and tell them your problem? What you're dealing with is ridiculous! I'm fuming just thinking about it! Like you, I have government assistance and they refused any pain meds except for Lyrica,and I only got that because I got an ulcer taking NSAIDS like Ibuprofin. So I totally, TOTALLY get how upset you are! Can you afford to see a doctor who is private and isn't on your Government plan? You would probably get better care there. If nothing else, I'd write that doctor a polite but informative letter, including Sheila Wall's recent research info that shows that fibro seemingly stems from an immune system problem. And any other research you can find him, showing that fibro is NOT a sleep issue? God, what an idiot the man must be!

Tammy, I'm going to save this info for each time someone asks how to find a doc. who knows how to treat fibro. Thank you so much for giving us this info! It's going to be a Godsend for some.

That is a really great suggestion, Tambina! Laurie, God bless your dad! Yep, things were better in the good old days! I know an elderly couple and the husband is an old retired country Doctor and I like hearing his stories about how he'd ride on over to someone's house to treat them for a fever. I'm like........boy, we've NOT come a long way, we've REGRESSED a long way. I think, anyway. : ) There is hope, though! You gatta always believe that. Sending you positive thoughts......and to everyone.

There are good Drs out there, it's just finding them, Susan and the time and energy to find them. As to Sheila's report on Obama care, I think this country will be very let down, they will rue the day of this Obama care! I feel our suffering will only be more drawn out in waits and delays...

I thought about moving to colorado and trying pot. Does anyone think that would help?

Hi Pet - I am so sorry you are going through so much ridiculous crap like Susan is. Sorry if the word ''crap'' offends you in any way. But that is what we seem to be going through all the time. Sometimes some of the stories I read on this site and the trouble we go though to be heard and taken care of, just makes me SO angry that I can't stand it! I am so tired of running around like crazy and/or making phone calls to get the answers I want and need!!! I have only been on this website a little over 3 weeks now and already - I am very protective of everyone on this website. I want every one of you to get quality care with a great doctor! Why is this so hard to do?? I feel like I am walking through thick mud with many obstacles in the way. It isn't fair and it's not right!! Hugs! Laurie

You are so right about the ObamaCare. I hated it from the start and thought, "Do people really understand what they are supporting here?" Sad for us but in a way, I think, "Ok, you people wanted this and asked for the socialized medicine, take it with an over sized spoon and choke on it." I hope that's not too harsh for anybody here. I'll be sad if I get kicked off for speaking exactly what I think of it, even if it's not politically correct. I think Doctors will be given such heavy loads, it will take longer and longer to see a Doctor and when you do, you might as well be seeing a robot. At least the robot could be programmed maybe to say, "No, really. I care about you." haha. I have to laugh about it sometimes or I'll cry!!!!!!! I shutter at the thought of how long we'll sit in a huge crowded room and wait five hours to see someone for five minutes at best then leave without a diagnosis or the wrong one. The Docs will be tired and bitter. And the government, which should be based on freedom and the rights of the people, as our Declaration of Independence and Constitution clearly state, will now decide who gets what treatment. I'm scared for seniors the most! The government will decide one day that my mother, at the age of 78, would be too old to get dialysis for her one kidney if it fails her? Scary stuff on the way, my friends. I wonder, does anybody know if we will be allowed to keep going to a private Doctor if we want to privately pay him or her? Not all Doctors will be forced to take ObamaCare, will they? Or will they have a choice? Thanks for a reply : )

i’m there with you anna!

Anna - are you serious?? LOL

I hear you luvjc, they do NOT realize what the people of Australia, GB and Canada go through, how long they wait for surgery, necessary surgery, cancer treatment... the list goes on. Just try to get on a biologic for autoimmune. Emma lives in Australia is stuck taking a chemo drug Methotrexate for Psoriatic Arthritis, an autoimmune disease, because the Govt will NOT put her on something expensive that works! The stories go on and on...

Whoever thought socialized anything was something to look forward to never looked back into history. Now I may get into trouble with you, but that is how I feel about our up coming catastrophe! All of the really good Drs will either teach or move somewhere like Switzerland!! Just watch!!

Oh, I feeling a pot party coming on? lol. I don't could be a WASTE of time. It's just such a LOADED subject! Let me know if you hit a STONE wall or anything. lol. OK, seriously. There is an option for someone who's Doctor won't give them anything for pain. Let me quickly add that this is NOT pot and NOT illegal. Can someone just privately message me on here and I can share it. Then they can advise me as to whether I should mention it?

I know how you feel. I have been passed around from doctor to doctor until I found the right one 2 years ago. Then he joined this pain clinic, which I only found out after 2 months of treatment equaling thousands of dollars per procedure, they don't take my insurance!!! Luckily I saw my GP on Thursday and he was able to help me a little and gave me some advice. They should have known they didn't take my insurance from day one, before they treated me. He found that utterly deplorable! He said to NOT pay their bill when it comes in. Paying it would mean I accept their terms for the treatments I received! I had a sleep study done, an initial consultation, 2 medication consultations, a trigger point injection and a facet injection. Then they tell me nope we don't take your insurance and we are cancelling the rest of your appointments with us, out of the blue...good bye. I was left in the lurch! My GP gave me refills of my meds that needed to be done ASAP since my Tramadol was only for 15 days and I was running low on Ambien. I also take Norflex, but I have a refill left on that so I am okay. It is so irresponsible how doctors treat us fibro patents! We are not fakers, drug seekers or doctor shoppers! We are in pain! Now I have to find a new pain management doctor or clinic before my next visit with my GP.

You are not alone! Huggles!

I have never heard of a pain advocate. How do I get in touch with one? I def need all the help I can get. Last night, I was tossing and turning in pain after taking one and half of another hydrocodone my boyfriend gave me. I am not too keen on taking other's meds, but last night was an exception. My fingers all the way to my heels was either in terrible pain or burning like fire.

Thanks, Michele! Could you message me with his number?


Hi Susan - to get a advocate, I went to the Nevada Health Institute. I talked to a woman there who was in charge of connecting people to a counselor who can be your advocate. My counselor's name is, Paula and I have been with her now for 7 years. I absolutely adore her! What Paula did for me is,. I explained to her that I needed to get on SSI disability and Medicaid really soon!! So, she got me in touch with a disability advocate. He called me one day, and told me what to bring with me to verify I needed help, I brought him the paper work and (I am not kidding) I was on disability about a month later. While waiting for this, Paula got me an apartment right away and put me on ''general assistance'' so I would have a little money and the state paid for the first month of my rent! I am SO appreciative of all she has done. Someday. Susan, when I am comfortable about it - I will explain why I had to go on ssi and Medicaid. I WILL tell you this, a large part of it was my ex-husband's fault. It was ALL about him, you know. Here in Nevada, when you have a counselor, they cut through all the red tape and crap that you would have to go through if you were trying to do all this on own. It comes down to, ''you have to know somebody that's up the ladder, for you to get the help you need! I hope this has helped you in someway. Paula also connected me with a med therapist, who helps to monitor my mental health (depression and ocassional anxiety). Also she can get me appointments with doctors that otherwise would be difficult for me to see. There really isn't anything that she can't do - if I need help. If you have any questions, I will answer them! Just let me know!! Love, Laurie

Hi Susan! I’m so sorry you had such an unpleasant experience! What an ASSHOLE of a doctor! He obviously doesn’t deserve to carry title of a one! But enough about him! Find a good one! Do not give-up! Fortunately for us not all docs are bad; even though the large majority perhaps is! What city do you live in? Perhaps, I could refer you to my doc?

Don’t let depression depress you! Keep on looking for a doc! Try private doc, especially the one practicing chronic pain. Ask questions prior making an Appnt so that you could keep to absolute minimum the useless visits!
Let me know your progress with this,

The stress is making your pain huge for you right now. If you tell me where you live I will do research for you. I will try to find a free clinic or doc that takes medicaid. I want to help you.

I know you have asked about marijuana. I have told you that I live in Oregon where it is used for pain and other medical problems. My 32 year old son uses it for crohn's disease. There have been studies done and marijuana actually is beneficial to the digestive system so helps his disease. My son has tried to talk me into getting a "card". I am putting it off because right now, while my husband is still working, I have good medical coverage. I'm telling you though. If I lose the meds I need for my fibro management I will not rule out marijuana. When he retires in a couple of years I will be on medicare. Who knows care will be like then. Since my youth I've lived a conservative to moderate life, but I will use the big "M" if push comes to shove.

I live 5 miles, across the Columbia River from Washington state where MJ has been legalized for everyone to use freely. I believe this is a trend and other states may follow suit. Whether you want to use it or not is your own decision. Maybe it will come available in your state. Just sayin'.


Hi susan,

When I suggested a patient advocate I should have included this website

Hope it helps


are you in arkansas ?