Pain Coach

Just wanted to share this with everyone. Pain Coach is nice app, that can help track your pain level, triggers, treatments, symptoms and your medicines. The app is free for people living with chronic pain. It can help you set a goal and it gives you tips. It had help me a lot, specially with the fog. The app has a reminder with an alarm so you don’t forget to log in. My doctor though it was a magnificent idea, every time a go to see the doctor a bring my iPod with me to show him how my month has gone. Recommend it to everyone.

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Thanks for posting this Yndiday, I was looking for a pain tracking app after my meeting with my doctor last week. Installing it right now.
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Might want to point out that this is only on ios.

Can I get this app on my Kindle?



What is ios?



This is huge, one of these days I have to give up my ancient flip top and do the smart phone, I guess! By then it will be the dinosaur! ha!

Thanks for this great information, yn!

I just did search for Pain Coach and not only is one mentioned above which is tied into webmd but many others. One even specifically for back pain!

I personally have been using Patients Like Me since it covers everything. I get daily email about how i am doing that day and there is room to explain. Your Profile covers many more items such as your meds, if they are helping or not, pain levels and specifically what kind and where. Emotional well being is included such as depression or bipolar. So mental health issues are not overlooked.

If you want to share information you can with your doctor by the means you choose such as printing only specific parts or downloading it right onto their electronic charts. Of course printing is still optionable.

I also think it is great for people considering going on SSDI as everything is documented. Dr visits, what was discussed. You meds,tests etc...also you have records for like vaccines and tetanus shots.

I have enjoyed the support groups and forms as they are very supportive and helpful!!

So Patients like is ...But it's important to just find one that works for you and most of all that you will use. I mainly use how i feel daily. I can do it even if time is limited and it has helped to see patterns in the flares or what can make my pain worse. So something that takes me all of a minute greatly has assisted me with my health problems.

I know i am going to check out some of the others i saw now as well so thank you!! Always looking for better ways or things i never even thought about so again thanks!!

I’ve been using it since the fall and is a big help when it comes to remembering, which can be tough for us. My first pain doctor wouldn’t even look at it or let me look back on it when she asked how the last month went. My new doctor asks me to open it up before I get there - not good reception in the hospital - so it’s up and viewable. A great way to track symptoms of medication side affects.

Thanks for sharing yndidav!

I just did a search, if you have an android phone Pain Coach isn't available for you. However, there is a app called Manage My Pain Pro and Manage My Pain Lite. The Pro version costs 3.99 and the Lite version is free. I'm downloading the lite version to explore it now. If it helps me manage my pain better then I'll download the pro version.

I'll keep you guys updated with what I find!


IOS is the operating system for apple products, iphone, ipod touch etc.

wow didn't even know this existed

great thanks

I’m so glad that some people are using it, it had help a lot. This message was to tell about it on how it had so many benefits on it. Is your journal on one place.

WOW!!! I downloaded this to my iPhone last night, it is great!! I haven't started using it as I was just playing around with it. It has a ton of places that you can record your daily routine (or not so routine) things. I put my medications in for the issues I want to follow, I can record different things so that I can try to figure out the triggers, pain levels, etc. I recommend this to everyone! Thank you Yndidav for sharing this wonderful tool!

Which pain coach did you download? There are so many to choose from and many have a minimal fee. I don't want to download something that I don't want to pay for the wrong one.

Gigiwall- I used the one by webMd. It’s free

I started using this as soon as I read your original post and I love it! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

Punkin what do you think of the "Manage my Pain Lite" app? I'm looking for a good symptom tracker that I can show my Dr. what has been going on with me. I saw Manage My Pain, I can't decide which to use because I don't know which is most useful.

They now have Pain Coach by WebMD for Android/Smartphone through Google Play! Not just iPhone anymore! But it just looks like a place where you list a symptom and set a goal and watch a video or look up a condition.

"588 Tips – 293 Articles – 86 Goals – 25 Videos – 21 Slideshows – 5 Quizzes"

You can see more about it here: