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Pain behind the knees - can’t walk

I was diagnosed with fibro in feb of this year. I’m still having it show up in new places all the time. Today, it hit behind my knees. It’s so painful I can barely walk. I tried magnesium cream -nope. Hot Epsom salt bath -nope. Two Advil (which I’m not supposed to take due to a previous ulcer) - nope. Finally, I took a Norco. Two hours in, and that has done nothing but make me a little tired. What will take this pain away? I’ve even tried cbd oil and it didn’t work for me. Any ideas???

Hi Debbie, I can relate to your struggles in finding something that works. I used to be on Norco, too, but it wasn’t that effective. Then I found Kratom! It’s a natural plant from Asia and had been used for centuries for pain. You can buy it as a powder or capsules and it’s not that expensive. It bounces off opioid receptors in the brain, thus works similarly to narcotics but it is somewhat different. They have different strains, some having a stimulating effect but it’s very natural feeling and some are more relaxing. Just do your research! There’s tons of info on the net. Please look into, Debbie. Honestly, it has changed my life! Good luck with it, I hope it works for you. If you have any questions, I’ll help of I can. Gail

Definitely do your research. Just because it’s natural doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. Taken with other meds it can be very dangerous. There hasn’t been enough research on it yet.


Pain is a part of Fibro we all deal with and everyone cannot be treated the same. What works for one doesn’t work for others. You also have to be careful of using herbal treatment with medications it can be deadly. Along with my Fibro I also have 5 Autoimmune diseases and symptoms are similar in all of them. Most pain meds don’t work for me because I have bad side effects from most. I cant take NSAIDS either so I have had to just live with the pain or use heat and ice. I am 67 and also have Osteoarthritis, I have no family or friends around and it is scary if something serious happens. My Neurologist just started me on Savella and I am hoping it works but I am having side effects from it already. You just have to not give up and keep trying things but be careful to make sure it is safe, Just because someone says it is safe doesn’t mean it is safe for you.

I have had Fibromyalgia since at least 2012. I say since at least then because it took several years for Dr’s to figure out the problem since I was on prednisone for another condition. I experienced severe pain behind the knees and the back of the legs, joint pain and even muscle weakness. I was 45 and felt like 80. What helped give me back my life, I’d say 80% was Cymbalta( generic is duloxetine which i take). It resolved those issues. I still deal with widespread pain and I have other health issues too. My rheumatologist also has me on prednisone for pain management which I don’t know if anyone else does this but it helps me. I hope your pain gets relief soon.

Please check and make sure you do not have a Baker’s Cyst. I had severe pain and swelling behind one of my knees that I thought was Fibro related. Finally broke down and went to the doctor, because nothing was helping with the pain, only to be told it was a baker cysts and sent for a ultra sound to confirm. I was then sent to an orthopedist who gave me a shot of steroid and said if that didn’t help then it would need to be drained. Thankfully it helped out quite a bit.
No more pain or swelling!

Like everyone says with fibromyalgia what works for you may not work for someone else. I take Lyrica twice a day for the fibromyalgia, it helps. My husband got me CBD cream from his chiropractor it’s not the strongest he carries and is derived from hemp so is legal in all 50 states I use it on my knees and shoulders works well for me. Just remember CBD from hemp is non regulated so quality control hmmm isn’t the same in each brand.
Hope you find something that works. :sunglasses:

You’re right, just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s safe, however there are millions of people that take Kratom and prefer it because it’s safer and has far fewer side effects than pharmaceuticals. Everyone should read the millions of testimonials on how Kratom has changed their lives, then decide after doing thorough research.

Exactly, do your research is what I m trying to get across. But because there hasn’t been enough studies on Kratom yet you might not find too much.
Personally I tried it and it didn’t do anything for me. I prefer medical Cannabis and CBD oils which do work for me.
Mixing Kratom with some pain killers such as Tramacet has caused some deaths. That’s why I’m saying be careful what you are taking with it. If suggesting this for ppl they should know this as not everyone will do the research. I’m not saying it’s not a good thing. I’m sure it is beneficial for some. Ppl tend to think that because something is natural it must be safe. Not always true. Eg. opium is natural

I take Dextromethorphan, which I read about in an NIH Clinical Study. You can buy it at a drug store and it does help me some. Better off if I take it than if I don’t take it. I buy SUDAFED PRESSURE+PAIN+COLD It has Dextromethorphan HBr 10 mg and Guaifenesin 100 mg. Both have shown promise for symptomatic improvement.

Hi Debstinydogs, (Debbie)
I was diagnosed with fibro at Mayo Clinic last year. I will be 61 yrs old and over many years have had many different aches pains and autoimmune diseases and I developed osteoporosis a couple of years ago due to hyperparathyroid disease involving all 4 glands 3 3/4 removed so that has been stable. However I do have a lot of calcification build up in my knee joints. About 5 years ago I had severe pain behind my right knee became worse standing and walking my entire knee swelled up and the pain was horrific I had to drive back from Ann Arbor MI to Chicago like that! I finally went to ER. They made sure it wasn’t a vascular embolism which it wasn’t! Was told Bakers Cyst! Went to Rheumatologist next day had it drained and an injection of cortisone. It was better in 48 hours! No pain!! This recently happened again before a trip to Jamaica! A day before went to Illinois Bone and Joint walk in Clinic (ironic name) and they drained it and gave me a cortisone injection! went on trip in (wheel chair quick way through security) and once again better in 48 hours played a little tennis and even tried paddle boarding in water! So look into all this! However I still get pain behind my knees when standing or walking around for too long but have to know when to stop which is hard for me! I can’t take a lot of anti inflammatories either! I do take Wellbutrin for Fibro because Cymbalt made me nauseated 24/7 for 3 months Good luck!

Have you been checked by an orthopedic doctor to see if you have a Bakers Cyst? I just had one a few months ago and it hurts really bad

Yes, that’s what I thought, too! It’s fibro and comes and goes! Thank you for your kind response!

That’s sounds horrible! I haven’t heard of Wellbutrin for fibro. Does it help you? I’m taking lyrica, but I don’t think it’s helping. I go back to the prescribing dr this week to see if I need the dose increased. I’m currently taking 75 mg am and pm.

Hi Deb
The Wellbutrin is suppose to help with Fibro and depression it also helps a little with my chronic fatigue. I have been on it for several years and take a high dose of 150mg 2x a day. I still have bad and ok days as well as a weird illness pop up here and there but it’s better than Cymbalta for me and my Drs did not want me on the Lyrica. So everyday is an interesting challenge. I would keep trying the lyrica but cant hurt ti ask about wellbutrin IRS been around for a long time.! Hang in there… Wendy

Thanks, Wendy!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: