Ozone injections (ozone autohemotherapy)

“Ozone injections” are a type of autohemotherapy: 200ml of your blood is taken, mixed with something, in this case oxygen and/or ozone, and re-infused/dripped after a few minutes, without any danger of air getting in your veins. I’d never heard of it being used for fibro until I read a fibromite on the web mention it in December. Knew of it for cancer (wouldn’t trust it for that tho), and sounded like an idea which wdn’t harm me too much, even if it doesn’t help. My GP does some alternative stuff, but is scared of doing anything that he could get sued for. But I found an “Ozone Society” on the web who sent me quite a list of docs fairly near me who do it (30 mins by bus). There are 2 ways he has it done (by his assistants). The first type is done 2x/wk for 5 weeks, and I sh’d sense an effect after 6x. After that he does the 2nd type. I trust him and his assistants, because they seem trustworthy, work sterile and they’ve been doing it for decades, so are experienced.
I neither believe it will help nor it won’t help. Just hope it’s another small piece of the treatment puzzle.
Thankfully my acupressurist is sure that it won’t interfere with her treatment, which has definitely helped a lot.
(Turned out this doc knows fibromyalgia well, has no silly assumptions about it, like he can heal it or similar, also does acupuncture, which I’d been intent on trying a second time with a properly trained doc, since the first doc jabbed 15-20 needles all over the place, which everyone else has told me is wrong, especially for fibromites. He thinks it’d be worth trying proper acupuncture, but as opposed to a befriended doc (who’d be nearer to me) does by far not claim acupuncture can heal fibro. He is also the spa doc of that town, a GP, and practices next to a clinic in which my 2nd rheum. practices).

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