Has anyone tried Ozempic. This was added to Ibuprofen, gabapentin, oxycodone, zyrtec and cingular in which I’m currently taken. Honestly I’m hate taking so much different medications. Ozempic is and injection weekly that you do yourself. I gotten headaches & stomach pain on it.

Hi Warrior - a very new med for diabetes, right? With loads of adverse effects, apparently. Is there no alternative? Do you think you need to take it? Can you get a 2nd opinion on it?

Never tried this diabetic medication but had similar issues with metformin . This definitely does not treat fibro . I would get a second opinion, if your Hba1c is above normal and you have tried a diabetic diet plan , losing weight , exercise or natural supplements ( alpha lipoic acid , chromium, cinnamon) and you were not successful controlling your weight/ blood sugar then a doctor will prescribe oral meds but usually they offer to let you try to manage it on your own with the above mentioned or similar plan. I would get a second opinion from an endocrinologist as this is the area they specialize in . I was erroneously given diabetic medication by a g.p.had terrible experience and ended up in the ER . I’d let the doctor who prescribed the Ozempic know your reaction and that your seeking a specialist for this matter. Good luck .