Overdid it once again!

I did way too much and paid dearly so I took a break from painting, and everything else. I had to do the usual…i.e. shopping, laundry, walking my fur baby… but no painting or working in the yard. Or even on my computer. I was back at it again today but I’m going to try and pace myself this time!! No promises now!!! So on that note, here are some new quotes for you all. Hugs too.

  1. Did a cartwheel the other day, thinking it was like riding a bike. It’s not.

  2. I just realized whoever stuck the “S” in “fast food” was a clever person.

  3. I’ve reached the age where my brain thinks, “you probably shouldn’t say that” to, “what the heck, let’s see what happens!”

I wish we had a bigger selection of reaction emojis!

Thanks for the big smile. :laughing:


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