Over Did It

I read everybody’s discussions and I read about how some people say how when they do extra activities that they pay for it later. Well on Sunday I worked outside in the yard by weeding and raking the lawn for about an hour and half. The last two days I am so sore especially in my legs and arms. I feel like I have done a full marathon. How long does it take to recover from the soreness and pain?


Hi Trea,

I find that it takes me anywhere from 2-3 days when I've done something mildly hard, like getting around at stores for about 2 hours, to 4-5 days when I've really overdone it. Those flares are the ones that I hate because they feel like they'll last forever! I'm pretty much okay with the 2-3 day ones now; it's a small price to pay to have a few hours of fun. Going someplace for 4 hours and staying on my feet a lot during that time brings on the longer flares and believe me, that IS a pain. I try not to do those days any more.

I would say that it's not at all unusual to be feeling like you do 2 days after the yard work. You've pretty much summed up classic fibro with this flare. That sort of pain if very typical.

And that's why we try to learn to pace ourselves: http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/wpress/articles/written-by-christine/the-spoon-theory/ I hope you read the article. It is wonderful and will help you so much in understanding pacing.

Hugs, very gentle ones, to avoid the tender spots,


idk about you but for me cool rooms and darkness helps me depending on whether or not you have a large tub taking a just cool enough to be not that warm bath in the dark does wonders for me it makes everything just tense up and you how water makes you feel boneless then when the water gets too cool you can switch it up and go for as hot as you can stand it and dip in and it will help relax the tenseness away ... i always when I can try to submerge myself and let water hold me up and try to align me that way not the best but it does wonders for this fibro fighter

Hi Trea,

It is so difficult when we do something we consider an everyday task like weeding and then end up hurting. Big hugs to you. I think everyone's recovery rate is different just because there can additional variables affecting our flare, such as weather and stress, known or not known. For myself, it can be anything from a 2-3 day recovery, much like Petunia shared and then there are other times it is longer. My suggestion to you, Trea, is be gentle with yourself, have a hot bath/soak, with epsom salts; cuddle up with a good book or movie as you hunker down on the couch. I hope you recover very fast. Sending you hugs.

I so love the spoon theory. I think I re-read it every time it is posted. I think it gives a great perspective of energy issues we have with fibro and the need for pacing. And I agree, sometimes you need the fun and the joy and if there is a flare as an outcome, so be it. Thanks for sharing this article and your comments Petunia. Hugs.

For me, overactivity starts within the first 15 minutes, the more I keep doing these activities the more I can't move some parts of my body, such as my wrists and thumbs and I can't grip things very well. For me it can take about a week for this soreness to go away. But only if I stop the extra activities. But that is impossible for me so I always feel pain weakness, stiffness and fatigue.

Right now, I've been so active with moving that I feel like I could sleep for at least a month straight, everywhere hurts me and all I did was lift boxes and push furniture. I can't wait till it is over, I want to take the flexeril so bad, but I need my mind to work at normal speeds in order to finish my work. But look out after it is all over, I'm going to be on top of the flexeril and in bed sleeping trying to dream of the soft warm sand down at the beach.