Over co-existing conditions

It seems my list keeps growing... Bursitis is awful, IBS, TMJ My face jaws and teeth hurt, Migraines, Carpal tunnel, Allergic Rhinitis, Non allergic rhinitis, and inflammation in the bladder.

Do you believe all these things are due to Fibro. or what? I am beginning to think Fibro is inflammation... What do y'all think? What are your co- existing conditions?

Huggs, Belinda

I have asked my Rheumy. about the bursitis (which is an inflammation of the bursa) and he keeps telling me that it is part of Fibro. and I just keep getting bursitis. My SI joints have inflammation. Now that other place has inflammation. I am going to have to do some research on this.. I have read where IC goes along with Fibro. But as for the bursitis...I have only seem where other people have posted things about Bursitis and fibro... but not where mayo.. or any place has done a study. Things that make ya say HUMMMMMMM...

Hello Belinda. I have a slew of co existing conditions as well. They seem at accrue over the years. My biggest issues blamed on fibro are adrenal and thyroid insufficientcy. I also have osteoarthritis, arthritis, IBS, severe dry eyes, etc. I could go on and on. The one issue it seems we ALL have on a common is sleep. I have recently been diagnosed with two sleep disorders and have been told I have had them since I was child. My sleep doctor totally agrees with my rhumetologist that I have fibro, however, he thinks it’s due to the sleep disorders and my fibro issues will continue to worsen, no matter what I do, until I address the sleep disorder. I’m beginning to think that maybe he’s onto something and sleep Is the key to figuring this out. It’s the only issue I have, out of many, that I’ve never addressed before. He has sent me to another doctor who specializes in pediatric insomnia and “brain training”. My first appointment is Friday. I am not sure what to expect. Sounds a little weird but am hopeful for positive results. Gotta keep trying, right?

thyroid duct cyst

degenerative bone disease


migraines/cluster headaches


spinal stenosis



Yeah... I think the other tramas to my body cause the FMS to get worse over time... I hate it. I simply hate it.

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I have had IBS, depression, and anxiety since before fibro. But now I am getting migraines and I had my first ocular migraine last week. I have searched on line and seen lists of illnesses that go along with fibro, so, yeah, I think they co-exist. I agree with the not sleeping. I also have two disc bulges, one in my neck and one in my lower back.

Some people were talking about getting diagnosed. I was easily diagnosed because my mother has fibro and they are just realizing it is genetic. See if anyone else in your family has it... when my mom was first diagnosed it was called epstein bar.

Oh yeah, add dry mouth and eyes to the list.

TMJ, Degenerative Disc, Meinere's Disease, Eczema, myoclonus, eposodic memory loss, PCOS, anxiety, insomnia, IBD, GERD, fibrocystic breasts and whatever I am forgetting, Lol. I can't even keep track anymore. I don't know if something is causing Fibro or if fibro causes something else. Chase my own tail always trying to find out what is happening to me, what are the links? This thing is a monster.