Our JC is still in a Red Cross shelter in NJ

I know, I hope she is well too! It must be like a war zone up there!

I just found a news article that says Sussex is without power. (JC's sister's area) So we can't reach JCs sister either. There is flooding in his sister's area and many are still in shelters. How awful if they can't contact each other to know if each other is safe. Stress makes their illnesses so much worse. I truly feel for chronically ill people who are enduring this disaster.

I did some searching, and there is a site called EverRibbon which allows individuals to setup fundraising for tragedies caused by storm damage, medical expenses, etc.

If it’s something everyone feels comfortable with, I can setup a free site which would collect monies to be given directly to JC.

I always donate to charities, but when I can directly impact the life of a friend it means a lot. Here is the site: https://www.everribbon.com/AcceptDonations?gclid=CNW–73zvrMCFRRbnAod9C0Aag

Please advise, Moderators, if this can be established. (there are other sites which do the same thing if EverRibbon doesn’t look like the best option)

JC is in a different shelter, he called Scott 2 nights ago.

I like this idea very much. Yes, please.

Gads. Still? You know, it's too bad that once he gets a place we couldn't send him stuff he might need around the house that we have lying around. I guess the postage would be too much though. Maybe I could check in with local churches to see if they're sending stuff down. Though I'd like to send it to JC specifically.

Yes his house is no longer there. It was near Coney Island, which is also wiped out and the whole landscape of the island changed. About 1/4 mile inland, it's all 6 feet deep of sand covering cars and everything else that was in its way, and the flood picked up homes and put them in different neighborhoods, took boats from the dock and put them in trees! He just lived in a studio/bachelor apartment, but everything he had is gone.

I just talked to our JC, he is still in a Red Cross shelter, he is okay. He has not been able to go back home, (if it is still there) no one from his little island has. To add insult to injury, the snow hit them, so many who had power or just had power restored are without. They have started gas rationing.

I think he said he has been there about 10 or 11 years, and knows everyone, and they are all so nice and so good to him.

He said to dry your eyes, he is okay, trying to adjust. Says there is a lot of walking and that is very tiring, but he is taking Ben's Friends live!

His sister is okay, just lost power for several days.

JC's temporary phone number is 848-■■■■■■■■ Just keep it short, realize he goes to bed early and gets up early! He said it was ok to post it!

THANK YOU for calling him and finding out about him. Did you ask how we can get money to him directly?

No, I left a message on our mod site for Scott, telling him I felt sure that he could take care of this for us, that he was the financial wizzard, that I had seen his resume! ha! But seriously, Scott is the man with the credentials to figure this out, and set up somekind of account for us to donate to JC.

I told him that I know the Red Cross was taking care of him so I sent money to the Red Cross! Lady Gaga just gave a million!

That number is his temporary cell phone. I think he is homesick for everyone!!

I told him you and Terri had worried yourselves sick over him! Terri is the mod on lupus as Tez, on here as Tez too! I'm sure you know her.

Stoney on Psoriatic Arthritis said some of the NJ coastal area shelters got flooded, so they had to be moved inland.

Yes I know Terri. I also mentioned the flooded coastal shelters on here. Great minds think alike.


Please talk with the other Fibro mods and let me know.


Hi Sunny, I had posted a notice on the mod board for Scott, but if you are sure they are reputible, and that JC will get ALL the money, then it's a good thing and we'll do this! Do you want to wait to ask Scott or do you want to just set it up? You did the leg work, your call!

I just left a note for Ben on FB, see if he can tell us anything about it. I do totally trust your investivative prowess!

’ Scott started a ‘go fund me’ site for JC, here is the link:

WOOHOOO SO EXICTED! Gonna thank Scott.

Susan would you mind posting this as a discussion in Life With Lupus also, and any other site you belong to where JC is also a moderator?

Happy to help.