Open Letter from Dr. Matthias Rath

Our politicians and medical world are NOT telling the world to Strengthen Immune SYSTEMS…

So many people I believe would be alive today if they had strong immune systems…Too Simple.

On this issue of Vit C I’V’s…one or more NY hospitals are now using this for CV treatments…it GOOD to read some positive info.

We all need to take more Vit C daily to keep ourselves strong and immune system in tip top condition. This is my belief.

Hi @jaminhealth! Yes, doctors are trying out quite a few different experimental treatments, as there are so many people in dire condition. I do want to be clear though. The first article that you shared here was more or less an opinion piece, and not research based. I point this out not just to you, but to everyone here. People need to be aware of the source that information is coming from, and Dr. Rath’s article is an opinion and is not research based. While there may be true statements in his article, much of it is designed to be “inflammatory”, and should be read with a grain of salt. Sources that are legitimate and research based regarding covid-19 are ones such as the CDC and WHO. The article from the Daily Mail is also not research based.

Sharon from ModSupport

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Thanks, I’m not a big fan of all the researched lab drugs from Pharma and WHO and Gates etc etc…but am very holistic in my healing and approaching 82 and in great health. Thanks again. Everyone needs to do what they believe, and it’s a big big world out there and I was raised on NO DRUGS…

I will say that I skimmed this article, but as a person who was encouraged by her rheumatologist to try natural remedies, I’m always open to vitamin therapy. As the pandemic has progressed, I’ve paid attention to all the media. Noted- checked that box. Whenever I saw a true physician being interviewed, I paid attention. Many of these physicians were stressing the exact same vitamins- vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D, and grapeseed extract. One physician stressed that we should slowly increase vitamin C to avoid tummy issues. If only one physician had mentioned these, I wouldn’t have thought much of it, but several advised taking these supplements. Only one doc suggested lysine.

As with anything, it’s best to do your own research and send a quick note to your doctor to let them know you’re making any changes. It’s also good to make sure there are no contraindications with any other medical issues.

I appreciate you sharing this! My RRT brain didn’t shut off when I retired. I’ve paid close attention to how these patients have been treated, since I was the person that intubated patients and managed ventilators. I’ve had several astonished reactions to some of the things I’ve heard, and of course, I’m researching autopsy reports. I now feel more informed and less frightened. I will continue to wash my hands, keep some distance in public areas, and yes, I will continue to take these vitamins to build up my immune system. Who wants to be sick with a virus AND deal with the fibro flare that goes with that?

Thanks again!