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Open Letter from Dr. Matthias Rath


Our politicians and medical world are NOT telling the world to Strengthen Immune SYSTEMS…

So many people I believe would be alive today if they had strong immune systems…Too Simple.

On this issue of Vit C I’V’s…one or more NY hospitals are now using this for CV treatments…it GOOD to read some positive info.

We all need to take more Vit C daily to keep ourselves strong and immune system in tip top condition. This is my belief.

Hi @jaminhealth! Yes, doctors are trying out quite a few different experimental treatments, as there are so many people in dire condition. I do want to be clear though. The first article that you shared here was more or less an opinion piece, and not research based. I point this out not just to you, but to everyone here. People need to be aware of the source that information is coming from, and Dr. Rath’s article is an opinion and is not research based. While there may be true statements in his article, much of it is designed to be “inflammatory”, and should be read with a grain of salt. Sources that are legitimate and research based regarding covid-19 are ones such as the CDC and WHO. The article from the Daily Mail is also not research based.

Sharon from ModSupport