Online Prayer List

I belong to an online prayer group. It’s my understanding this list goes around the world. If any of you have need of prayer, message me and I’ll get it on the list.


I am getting muscle spasms in my lower back due to osteoarthritis. It’s very painful and almost knocks me off my feet when it happens. I appreciate the prayers. Bless you!

Anytime! I totally understand lower back issues all too well. It’s on the list. {{{{{{{{Fibrohelp}}}}}}}}}} feel better.

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Oh my gosh yes. Big flare up now. In a nut shell, muscle pain in both shoulders, neck, upper back and hip. Nerve pain right leg due to MS. Cant sleep well because of pain. Thank u so much.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{Kimmers}}}}}}}}}}}}}} You’re very welcome. It’s the least I can do. You’re on the list. I hope you not only feel better, but also are able to sleep and rest well.