One thing after another

I have hurt my back at some point and have been going to the doctor because of it. I got a text from my boss (I work at a church, so my “boss” is the preacher) saying I needed to stop missing so much work and schedule my appointments and medicine around my work hours. I am taking pain pills, muscle relaxers, steroids, and my normal everyday medicines…there’s no way I would be able to stay awake for work. I told my doctor about this during my follow up today and was told to take this week off of work too so I can continue taking medicine while waiting on my referral for physical therapy to go through. I’m worried that I’ll lose my job for following doctor’s orders and staying home to rest. What do you do in a case like this??

Sorry for your troubles but your employer can not let you go for medical documentation for staying home from work. From what I’ve heard. It’s called discrimination and that is not a reason to let you go. I’ve been told by many friends and my personal therapist that in order for you to move on you have only one person to take care of first and that is you. I hope this eases some of your concerns. And if I’m wrong someone else can correct me but I believe what I’ve been told.

Have you turned in the documentation from your doctor to your employer? You may need to go on short term disability if you have that option, so that your role can be held for you. Is there a person in HR you can talk to about how much time you will need off or if you can come back to work in a modified role? If you lose your job and you want to fight that it will come down to how the time you took off was documented, did you have PTO available to use, and were you on short term disability. I hope that can help.

i hope that you can work things out with your job. i believe that if you show proof of your illness from your doctor you should be able to get time off to take care of your self. is there some of the work that you can do at home to still help out?

I can forward phone calls to my cell and do all of my other work from home too…but the preacher doesn’t want me to do it like that. What it really comes down to is his wife has been wanting my job for a while so he is going to make it hard for me to keep it while I’m down.

My doctor helped me fill out for disability earlier this week since degenerative disc disease won’t really get better. Add to that my fibro and arthritis and I’m a pretty sad excuse for a 30 year old. Lol

I have turned in copies of my notes from the doctors and the preacher just handed them back to me with no interest in even looking at them. He is a big jerk a lot of times but this has me pretty frustrated.

Hi small town girl, I wanted to check in and see how you are doing? Hugs.

I started physical therapy yesterday. They said my hips were way out of alignment. I went to my chiropractor today and let her align me- my left hip was way out and it’s usually my right hip that is out.

My boss told me the other day that I’m missing too much and that me hurting my back wasn’t his problem but me missing work was. I told him I’m getting my work done in fewer hours and saving the church money…I ended up walking away and speaking with the deacon and treasurer. Its been a lot of trouble. And I did fill out for Social Security the other day. Hopefully it won’t take a long time to hear a decision.