One-sided, multi-system flares?

I’m a new member and I’m so happy to have found you all. (Thank you Deena!)

I have been having, what I now suspect, are FM flares for many years. These can include migraine, numbness, cold and/or canker sores, swelling of the gums and roof of mouth, ear pain, face pain, tender point pain, boils, sinus infection, pleurisy, kidney pain, increased joint pain, (hips and elbows in particular), redness and swelling of any cuts or sores, worsening psoriasis and many other symptoms.
The weird part is that you can draw a line right down the center of my body and I can have all of these on the left and none on the right, or visa versa.
Any one else have this?

Hello Zananna1!

I am too a new member and I am loving this page so far!
I have also suffered from migraines, tender points, joint pain, and every other classic symptom for fibromyalgia.

Have you been diagnosed with fibromyalgia?

I also have really bad allergies and sinus issues. From my own research and discussions with my doctor I have found that inflammation can cause fibro flare-ups. So when my allergies are bothering me, my sinus’s are acting up, or a I have a bad migraine coming on… all of these trigger fibro flare-ups for me since they all have to do with not only pain but inflammation.
My doctor has prescribed a handful of medications for my pains but none really truly work well. I have been on quite a journey of trial and error and have found I can control much of my fibro symptoms with my diet and other tricks.
For my diet, I cut out foods that cause inflammation and that is pretty similar to a gluten free/dairy free diet. I pretty much only eat meat/protein, vegetables, and fruit. If I am craving bread or sweats I try my best to get gluten free breads and desserts and lactose free ice cream. I’ve also cut back on my coffee intake, soda intake, and cut out alcohol completely. This has made a world of difference for me! In addition it has helped my chronic migraines and allergy/sinus issues as well.
If my pain won’t subside I result to aspercreme with lidocaine or blue emu for my sore aching muscles and joints. I also rely on a lot of heating pads.

Fibromyalgia can be tricky. Symptoms seem to vary and what works for one person may not work for the other.

Best of luck you!

Fibro is widespread body pain not one sided or only specific areas. So it might not be Fibro that you are experiencing. Have you been diagnosed with Fibro?

Hi. Yes, diagnosed 5 years ago. These other symptoms are different than my usual, everyday fibromyalgia symptoms. That’s why I was wondering if anyone else experienced similar symptoms and if they were related to their FM. You know, FM covers so many different symptoms, I’m always trying to figure out if FM or something else.

I often tend to have symptoms and flare ups on my left side! Some on my right side but nothing compared to my left! Nice to hear others have this too!

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Thanks deb5! It is nice know I’m not the only one.