One of Those Weeks (SMH)

On top of the Fibro and a bad case of fibro fog this week, I was supposed to have a complete hysterectomy on 1/16 due to complex hyperplasia with atypia (possibly cancers in the uterus). I received a call from the GYN Oncologists office on the 12 to inform me that I would have to pay my deductible on the 13th when I went in for preadmission testing. I told them this was insane because if the hospital claim was presented first, then I would be responsible for the deductible to the hospital as far as my insurance was concerned.

I also informed them that I had not been able to work since 12/12 because of my Fibro symptoms. I advised them that my son pays my insurance premiums and my office copays and offers me a place to live and I get SNAP benefits for my meals. I was informed that she didn't think the doctor would waive the deductible but she would check.

As I was about to walk into preadmission testing on the 13th, I get a call from the surgical scheduler for the practice. She says that the doctor will not waive the deductible. I advised her that I did not want the deductible waived, only allow the claims to be processed by my insurance then we will make payments. She said the doctor will not allow that. I told her to cancel the insurance then and I will contact my GYN and seek her advice and I am not so sure she will continue to refer to that office. I told her that it is not like I am just having heavy or painful periods...we are talking cancer...hopefully, something can be done before it gets out of hand.

Today, the 14th, the doctor's nurse calls me and says the doctor wants to know when she can expect me to be back on the surgery schedule. I told her I had no idea since I have not been able to work since December of 2012 due to the Fibromyalgia and I can not expect my son to try to take out a loan for my deductible. She proceeds to tell me that when I "win the lottery" call them to reschedule my surgery. I was livid!

Sorry this is so long. Now, I am thinking I need to schedule an appt with a psychiatrist and add to my Cymbalta because my anxiety and depression is worse now, of course. Thanks for letting me vent! Last night was a very restless night and today a very strange day, mentally.

Hi Bddouglas wow what a total nuisance this all has been for you. As if you need all these financial paperwork problems which add to your stress. I do hope it all rights itself as quickly as possible. I am sending you blessings and good luck with sorting it all out. I know nothing about your hospitals’ set up where you are so cant comment. All the best. Hugs fromMary Michelon

Hi Brenda,

There are names for people like that. Carma.

Sorry you are having this happen to you. Gentle hugs to you.


i send you positive thoughts and prayers that things work out for you.. this is a lot to go through and i feel for you...all the best,, let us know how things go.. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS


Thank you, all three of you. Mary, Quilter's Way, and Suzie! Of course, in spite of the gabapentin and Mirapex I take at night, I still was unable to rest due to my muscles hurting and all the spasms...I am working on having my brain MRI done by my neurologist and my labs done for the year. This will definitely eat away at my deductible and I have assistance through the hospital. I have faith that everything will work out. God definitely has this, I still don't care for the way they handled the whole situation and will see a different doctor when I have the surgery.

Gentle hugs and low pain to you all! :-)

I definitely relate and I am so sorry there are people in life that don’t understand our struggle. I have hyperplasia and irregular bleeding and had to walk out of the docs on the morning of my uterine biopsy due to insurance. I was sent back home to get an authorization from a gp to go to a different gyn that takes my insurance. It took a month to get that appt. I called yesterday and they said it will be another week for the authorization. I am frustrated and scared. I had cervical pre cancer removed last March- so I am not happy about waiting… I cry about insurance and money. I work but not enough to cover bills. Yes, it is a screwed up system. I always say if I were rich I could feel a lot better everyday – Things will get better! I will pray for you!

I'm so sorry that you are going through all of this. Needing to have the hysterectomy is difficult enough. (I was one of those people who struggled with a great deal of pain and excessive bleeding and had my total hysterectomy in February 2007) I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis which is understandably giving you horrible concern. .

As for the terrible treatment you have received at the hands of these "professional people" it is appalling, but sadly not uncommon. I work in an industry that requires a great deal of sensitivity towards the families I see daily. I work in the office of a local cemetery and have done for 13+ years. After such an extended time at this type of profession, it is not unusual for it to become "just a job" as they say. I try to come to work every day with the attitude that the families on the other side of my desk are suffering a great loss of someone very important to them. Even though I have made these same statements to families for 13 years, this may be the first time this family has ever lost dear to them. I get lots of cards and letters telling me how much I helped them at a time of great stress. I keep those cards and letters to reread on the days that I am told how horrible a representative for the cemetery that I am and that I have no compassion for that others are going through. **sigh** It can be very emotionally draining/challenging to maintain a supportive attitude, but the day that I can't is when I will leave this work. Unfortunately, many people who deal with people in distress, don't take the time to evaluate their own responses and how those responses make the patient feel. Once, long ago when my daughters were still very young, an acquaintance told me to never accept what a doctor said if I didn't agree with them. To always get another opinion as 50% of all practicing doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class! That has stayed with me and served me well!

Insurance companies are the bane of our existence, but a necessary evil when it comes to surgeries and hospital stays. My husband and I have both been very fortunate over the years to have had exceptional care made available when it was needed. I know that is not always the case for everyone. Stay strong, work the system as necessary and, when you receive authorization, definitely find a different doctor to perform your surgery! It is never permissible that a doctor be brilliant at performing surgery, but be totally lacking in compassion and understanding of his patients' feelings and concerns.

Best of luck with all this and I would love to hear how it all turns out for you!


Thank you so much for your story! It is great inspiration!

I have already contacted my neurologist's office and since my vision (blurriness and double vision) has gotten horribly worse and my balance and dizziness has gotten worse the MA feels she should be able to get a PA for my MRI a couple of months early.

My older brother (we usually only exchange greetings on birthdays and holidays) actually asked about the deductible. I was really surprised. I told him I will let him know once the MRI is billed to insurance.

I will keep you in the loop so you will know how it all turns out!

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear about all of this! It sounds like it may be time to look for a different doctor or surgeon because you definitely can't be expected to wait if this is possibly cancerous. Hang in there and please keep us updated on what happens!

Blessings and prayers!

Hi Ahava31,

My GYN Oncologist's nurse has been calling me every week to check on me. They are concerned, but she (the doctor) is employed by UF/Shands and is not at fault for the problem. My neurologist is working on the PA for my brain MRI and I see my PCP for my physical and there will be labs and chest x-ray...I am going to try to talk him into getting a PA for a bone density scan. I will go into my surgery with my deductible and out of pocket maximum met.