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Hey again everyone,

How long do you have to Fake It Until You Actually Make It? OR does that really happen at all? LOL! I am much stronger in many new skills but the blasted anxiety and depression sits around waiting to pounce and sometimes after the knee jerk reaction I can use my coping skills but sometimes feel like I am putting a fake smile on and playing a role. I also have had several times of feeling like nothing is real and I am playing a part in someone else's life. I am very spiritual so always look for spiritual reasons as well as physical ones.

Thanks to all!


Hi, Susan,

I used to be unrealistic about this aspect of fibro because I thought it was gonna get better but now that I see it isn't, I can understand very well where you're coming from. Although I've told my workplace about my fibro, I still have to show up and act like nothing's wrong. It's surreal when you have to act one way and feel so totally different than how you pretend to be. It's like we have to be supermen when we're in so much pain.

Hey Petunia,

Isn't that weird? I have been told at work that if I need to take a longer lunch or leave early tell my supervisor but then everything is all about productivity!! LOL!


Yeah, I know, you have to watch it because having fibro can get you fired. I've had to take 2 days off due to it and worry that more may be on the way as I can barely walk. So what's a girl to do? How do we handle work vs. fibro? How long can a pasted on happy face last?

I am working in a very negative atmosphere and my main co-worker calls in sick all the time and takes a lot of vacation time while I hardly ever take off so I am not worried about it. You have to take care of yourself!!


Hi energy healing, fortunately I’m retired now but did work for a long time with fibro. I always thought I had to be a bit of a chameleon, and change to fit the situation. I think I was this way for most of my working life. I still do it when I’m talking to friends, old colleagues, acquaintances and some of my family. I try to be upbeat and positive although I often don’t feel that way. My standard answer when anyone asks me how I’m doing is to say “good”. I am quite fortunate. I have a pension we can live on, a roof over our heads, food on the table and heat.

Do we need to play a role, I’m not sure, however I think it makes other people more comfortable, and in the case of friends and families not cause them any worry.

Just my thoughts. Gentle hugs

Thanks B2chi,

I have a lot to be thankful for and I am. I stay as positive as I can because I am working to change my brain for the better and be a good influence on other people. I usually say "fine" or "good" too except for the few people I feel like I can tell and am learning not to dwell on the negatives.