Ok, seriously - help me find a new doctor! Please!

I live and work and go to school in Lancaster, California so if anyone out there knows of a doctor in this area, PLEASE let me know. My current doctor just refused to sign paperwork for me to get disability services on campus at school. He acted like I was trying to cheat my way through. All I would get is extra time on tests and maybe a few other smaller things that they offer. You’d think I’d asked him to lie, I simply asked him to complete the paperwork and he flat out refused because he’s one of those - fibro is all in your head doctors. UGH!

Ok, so, yeah…where was I? Oh, right. I need a new doctor…I’m willing to travel just about anywhere in Southern California. I don’t have a car (I’m poor, did I mention that?)…but I have a bus pass that will get me pretty much anywhere.

Please…please…anyone out there, if you know of anyone that can help me, I’d certainly be super grateful.

Thanks so much!!! :slight_smile:

OMG... that's horrible! You HAVE to find anoher Dr. for sure! Look for a Pain Clinic.. that's where alot of people find the Drs that are more knowledgeable about Fibro... or at LEAST chronic pain.

I'm so sorry you had to go thru that - but sometimes those bad experiences are needed to get us onto better things. just another hurdle and time consuming process that can seem overwhelming when your time and energy are so precious.

Hang in there!!



Here is a support group in Lancaster: http://www.fibronol.com/support_ca4.html


Hope this is a help for you, heather, we need to keep you well and happy!