Oh that deep sharp burning pain

Its been a little while since i been on here I’ve been so depressed and in so much pain my lower back when i walk and legs hurt feel tired i got a new cpap machine so my doctor got to see the results on a average i wake up 35 times a night that is when or if i fall asleep its been so long that i don’t remember what a full night of sleep is anymore i keep saying im not going to let fibro kick my butt but its getting the best of me every little thing i do i pay for it and iam so tired of hearing drs tell me to learn to live with all this pain its been going on 5 years and i still having hard time living with it im just so frustrated with myself for feeling the way i do that nut dr wants me to commit myself in brook haven because he says all of this pain and all that comes with fibro is all im my head oh how i wish it was but im not crazy i dont need to be locked up fibro is real but everyone I’ve gone to for my depression says its all im my head so i refuse to go to another one and try my best to pull myself out of all this depression but seems like the more i try the harder it is im just thankful for all of you