Oh my sciatica!

Will it ever stop hurting. I feel the pain from my right hip, down the front of my right thigh all the way down into my feet. Last night my right thigh felt like it was on fire it hurt so bad. Thankfully my husband rubbed and pulled and pushed and tried to stretch me out which helped a lot but today I'm still feeling the sciatic pain along with upper back and shoulders. What I wouldn't give for a day without something hurting! But on the positive side I'm thankful for a husband that doesn't mind giving body massages.

Thanks for listening,


Personally, I kinda miss that pain some days... My leg from the knee down is numb and causes me trouble when walking... or when on stairs... I fall a lot.

Notice, I said SOME days. Others, holy crow!

What was really bad a few years ago was getting injections between L4 and L5 that made my back feel like I'd been kicked by a horse. If you've never been kicked, it's not something I'd recommend. :P

Feel better!!

I have had to have injections for the sciatic nerve twice one on each side at different times. My injections were in my buttocks not my back...and those injections were nothing compared to the many others in the bursas...and it is instant relief with the sciatic nerve...If it keeps up you may want to give your Dr. a call.

I know that pain is the worst...and makes it impossible to sleep... I do hope you find some relief soon.

Huggs, Belinda


You are so funny! I guess I should be thankful that is just sometimes and that I can feel it. I'm sorry you are having issues with your leg I know from my mom's experience that not being able to feel your leg is not good. And I also should be thankful that I haven't been kicked by a horse or had to have shots in my spine. Thanks for the kick in the butt to get me to look at what I have to be thankful for instead of a bit of pain in my backside.

Hugs to you!!!


Thanks Belinda,

Hopefully I won't need shots but its been going on for about a week now. And I've been using heat and should have probably been using ice. But thanks for the suggestion because if it doesn't get better soon I will be going to my dr to find relief.

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Yes he was a blessing. I don't have muscle relaxers I was wondering if they would help so I might call the dr tomorrow to see if he will call some in for me. I've tried Valium before but I don't think that provided much relief.

I'm sorry your husband is out of town. Hopefully he will be home soon. We have also had humid weather here in VA which I think may be why I'm having such a flare up. And living in VA with our constant humidity probably explains why I always have the nagging pain.

Gentle Hugs to you,


That's me! Kicking butts with a foot I can't feel! :)

I wasn't really saying 'count your blessings;' I was just saying that I've been through it, and yes, it sucks.

And the no-feeling part can be quite comical. After everyone knew I was okay, my family laughed hard when I fell from the third stair up to the floor. And when my legs goes out and I just randomly fall down - like a model in ridiculous heels (only I never where heels and I'm a walking billboard for eating healthier). It's just bloop, blop, boom!

Anyway, I know its painful, but I promise the pain stops... I think. Morphine can do the trick - I know that one from experience (ER visit... very expensive).


When my mom's leg wouldn't cooperate she would say "Come on leg or I'm going to leave you behind." When are in pain or in a situation like your where we have no control we have to have a sense of humor or it will consume you. And I know you weren't saying count your blessings but I do need to remember that is it just a pain and I can't let it get to me.

Gentle Hugs,


try a professional massage therapist. tell them to use long Swedish strokes. I'm a massage therapist and I have taught my husband how to do it for me (when I can't find someone to trade with). I live for massages!

Here's hoping for a pain free day for you. Sounds like you need one soon. I am glad you have someone to give you the massage. Been a while for me, divorcee ended that. Now have to pay for good massage. But it is the only thing that helps sometimes. Be thankful for what you have. I find with my therapist , I have gone to her for 12 years now, that I just don't relax totally even though we have known each other for so long and she sure knows where all my pressure points are. I am waiting on a money situation to settle so I can get one of those walk in , sit down tubs. The last time I tried a tub was a pretty good sized time. I am 50 you man who weights just over 250 and 6' 3" so hard to find a tub that fits. Got in okay. Not such good luck getting out. Almost had to right the front desk. Emarassing, but I made it. I am hoping things will be better off financially by winter, and such a good time to get a big walk in tub that I can easily get in and out of. I am guessing about 10K. Think I may have to take a home line of credit. I had a hot tub in my house in Ohio but still could not get in or out by myself. Still have my house Ohio with the tub, waiting for it to sell. Great nice big tub but too big for me to get in and out without hurting myself worse.

So I will strive to get my tub and you keep after your hubby to give you massage....lol

Hi Stacey

I am so glad you have a great husband. My doctor had me see a chiropractor for my sciatic pain a couple of years ago and it helped. I also had injections last year when it got bad. I hope you have relief soon.