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Just in shock here last wed my sister passed away. She had been sick and in a nursing home for about 3 years, she had parkinsons and ms and fribo,should I be tested? Just so drained our mother and her daugther gotinto it over how they wanted her put away so they both were crying to me to tell the other one they were right. Was gone from my home for 4 days my poor husband tryed but the house was upside down after all the work i put in over the summer just will have to deal with that later,clean up again. So glade I have friends to turn too. if i get tested what should i ask to be tested for


Dearest Bet,

So very sorry for the loss of your dear sister. I am sure you will miss her!

Your Doctor should certainly know of these diseases, and this should go in your records. Start by keeping that running list of symptoms, also try to find out autoimmune diseases of your other family members. Your Doctor will know what to test for and when.

Honey, I know you are discouraged that all of the housework you just accomplished has been defeated, but there will be time to regroup and slowly work on getting that back to where you had it!

Sorry they are putting you in the middle of this, try not to let this added stress sink it's hooks into you! Please know that we are all here for us when you need us. Always a pleasure to hear from you. Sending you strength and hope.

With love and understanding,


You need a day off now! A PJ's, comfort food, couch, and a couple good movies! Be good to yourself and allow yourself to heal from what you have just gone through!

Sending good thoughts your way,


I am so very sorry for the loss of your sister !!! I lost my brother 5 months ago …it is so hard !!

When you see your dr. Let her/ him know about your sister

Hugs & blessings

Oh Bet, so, so sorry about your sister! That's one heck of a shock. And that she was so ill is incredibly sad too. You must be very shell shocked at the moment, Bet.

And making final arrangements is beyond stressful! Especially if no advanced plans were made. I'm sorry that you got caught squarely in the middle of that. It's an awful thing to go through because one party will end up feeling that they ''lost."

I agree with SK about you keeping a list of all of your symptoms, as well as other diagnosis that you have that may also relate. Tennis elbow? Could be important. Irritable bowel movement? Same thing. Try to recall as many things as you can.

Then go to a rheumatologist and give him the info. He'll know what tests are important to run. I really have no idea how MS or Parkinson's are diagnosed. And although she had these illnesses, it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll also have them. But I know it's important for you to have some peace of mind.

Bet, I am very close to my sister so I know what a loss it is to you. I hope you have a lot of support at home regarding your loss. And as SK said, don't worry about the housework. Right now is a time of mourning and regrouping. There will be time later to worry about the housework.

Gentle hugs and deep sympathy to you,