Numbness and pain from fibro

Does anyone get numbness tingling and pain from fibro.I told my doctor he doesn't care he rather call me a drug addict then figure out why instead he sending me to physical therapy.What is that going to do when in pain and even walk sherri

Hi sherri!

Yes pain and numbness are definitely a part of Fibromyalgia. I am very sorry that your Dr is not more attentive to your medical needs. Are you in a position to change Drs?

Agree with SK. It is so unfair.


I am so sorry that your Dr. is not being understanding about your fibro. I also have numbness and tingling with my fibro. It is mostly in my arms and hands and is at its worse in the morning when I get up. I tried physical therapy but I could not tolerate it. I also can't have massages because they increase my pain. I hope the therapy works for you.

Gentle Hugs, Kerry

Oh yes I get numbness and tingling. Mine is specially bad in my arms and fingers. If I am holding the telephone up to my ear that arm and fingers will become numb. So, a few years ago I purchased a headset for my phone so that helped me solve that problem. Sometimes my toes and the bottom of my feet will go numb from too much walking or standing.

I never thought to tell my doctor about it. Perhaps I should because I suspect this has an underlying cause.

Oh isn't it just lovely to deal with one or multiple chronic illnesses. Sigh

Hi Sherri, I have three words of advice “FIND ANOTHER DR”

I am so sorry that you so called DR is soooo ignorant !!!


Try Bowen Therapy. It is very gentle and has helped me out immensely and is a lot different than massages.

I get numbness in my hands and feet (mainly hands) and it most often occurs in the morning as someone else mentioned below. It is irritating we cannot figure these things out and get medication to help with the pain because others had to ruin it for everyone. I am with everyone else you should get another doctor.

Sorry your doctor is being a SOB (or aka shortness of breath). I get tingling and numbness mostly in my legs and feet. I experienced it daily when I had a B12 and D deficiency. Diabetics experience it too and its called neuropathy. You might want to ask for some lab work. Sounds like you may need to find another doctor, how about one that cares?

Oh, CantDance, I had a real good laugh on that one! SOB ha!

Crazybird, she is not wrong about getting a Dr who cares, you know! It will make such a difference in how you feel if you actually have a Doctor who cares. Some do NOT deserve to carry this title of MD, and this sounds like one to me! Yep, The kind of SOB CantDAnce is talking about!

Thanks for all the support.Im waiting for the rheumatologist and neurologist to call so I can make a new appointment.They are both in boston not down here.He cant even give me a diaganoses ive been through four so far and nobody knows what there doing and im tired of it.I hope they will call tomorrow thanks sherri ps ill let you know what happens