Now what?

If it isn't one thing it is another... In August I made a trip to the ER... My stomach was on fire and the pain was not tolerable... I just knew I had an active ulcer and needed some kind of relief. Well Er Dr. said no it was Gastritis... well I have gastritis I mean that is not new to me... so I go home just to wait this out... Well I waited 3 weeks and while it was getting better I was still miserable and again I KNOW it is an ulcer... so I called my Gastro. got an appointment... he ordered a Upper endoscope... as always...I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I was dealing with an ulcer and by this time it was 80 percent healed so he did not remove it...UGHHHHHHH... He also found a stricture in my esophagus... so he dilated my esophagus ... he also took several biopsies... Well... My throat hurt so bad to swallow after this was done ... I am convinced he took the biopsies from my throat... He did not tell me from where he took them and I did not think to ask...I am still having some issue with swallowing but each day is getting better.... it has been 5 days...

I have finally gotten to the full dose of the betaseron injections (for my MS) . It came time to refill and the BetaPlus referred me to the Express script that would be refilling for me... so They didn't get me my meds on time ... actually called this morning and they had not even put it in to be shipped...OMGoodness!!!! I was due an injection last night. I will not get my shipment until THURSDAY!!!! Now I will be calling these people 2 weeks before I actually need my meds instead of a week... On a good note... No injections will be done.... (I hate injection time)!!!

Rhumy visit last week and got more injections...hip and shoulder... needed an injection just about everywhere because I have been hurting everywhere...LOL... but I can only get 2 at a time...Rhumy said I was in a Fibro flare...ohhhhh so that is what a fibro flare really is... I was thinking it was all because my MS meds...Ya know they say one will feel like they have the flu... But some things I know are Bursitis.... Bursitis seems to plague me... my shoulders, hips and knees... I got back in 2 weeks to inject my knees... Ughhhhh.... Bursitis and tendonitis in both knees... Sometimes I am afraid to tell my Rhumy where I hurt...LOL...last time I was explaining the pain in my neck and down my arm... he starts opening a bunch of those round little band-aides as I am still telling him... I asked him what he was doing... he said opening these band-aides I asked what for... he said trigger point injections... I said how many do you think you need? He said about 10... I said and where are you going to give those injections... he said your neck!!!!!!!! OMGoodness.... Now I was he pulls out the step stool from under the exam table and tells me to sit down... I was sitting in a chair... so I get up and sit down on that little step stool...LMBO!!!! I sit there for a few min. and when he turned around he said What are you doing? I said you said to sit down...He LAUGHED and said get on the table!!!! OOPS...LOL... Ok so he tells me to relax and not to tense up... first injection was in the back of my head and I will tell you now....THAT WAS NOT PLEASANT!!!!!! The next was just a little lower but still in the head.... OMGOODNESS!!!!! Now at this point he sacred me because he did not warn me when he was going to inject I kinda jumped... he asked me if I was going to do that for all of these and I started crying and said probably!!!! I was crying because it hurt!!!! any ways I had him to tell me when it was coming and I got through it... they went from the back of my head into my shoulder. It was a few days later when I realized how my other side felt...LOL... Not sure I want to endure that again. I mean I have done sooooo many injections... but that round reached my level of what I will tolerate...

I have a hard time sorting out what is MS and what is Fibro. I am sure that eventually I will know but for now... I have no idea at all what is what.

O.K> I believe I have spilled my guts... Y'all remember to be a fighter in your health care. Push for what you feel you need. Drs are not GODS... they do not know everything... They are sometimes wrong... YOU know your body... YOU feel your pain...Be a pain to them until they hear you and do what you need them to do... I am lucky that my Ins does not require me to have referrals so I call in the specialists when I feel I need them... with one exception... My MS specialist... They required a Dr. referral. That did not stop me I called a regular Neuro just to get a Brain MRI ordered... while I waited for the Dr. to get me referral through... and that was a ridiculous wait...


Hi Belinda, I read what you have been going through and I do admire you for advocating for yourself and being interactive in your health!! I send you much love and to let you know you are in my thoughts for the best healing plan that is possible !!!

Suzie... I have read about your situation and where you started to where you are now.. I must say I am very lucky in what I have to deal with... God bless you sweet Lady. I was called a hypochondriac a couple of times by some friends and family and that lit a fire under my butt... I have been determined to not just complain but to get the proof to back me up...LOL... Hubby ate his words...Their is always a reason behind the madness... LOL Not only that but all of this was effecting me at my job... I wanted answers to this never ending list of ailments.

HUGGGS, Belinda

There is an injection that is given to people who have broken a bone or dislocated a joint it puts them into a rapid deep sleep so the bone or dislocation can be set & it puts a person out for 5 to 10 minutes. Could you ask your MD if he could do that before the trigger point injections? M

LOL... I think I will just suck it up and deal with it until I can no longer deal with it and then get the TP injections... it was my first go round with that area and that type...until that they were all deeper and in places where I had some padding...LOL... Dr. did say I did not have to do the injections... but in my mind I am thinking how am I supposed to get any better unless I do. Then again I have had over 40 injections and I still continue to have problems so .... I do not know how to say no when I want to feel better...maybe it is just time to find an alternative to the injections. Just have not been offered anything different.
Luna02 said:

There is an injection that is given to people who have broken a bone or dislocated a joint it puts them into a rapid deep sleep so the bone or dislocation can be set & it puts a person out for 5 to 10 minutes. Could you ask your MD if he could do that before the trigger point injections? M