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Now sick to my stomach


i have a new issue. I’ve always felt sick to my stomach a lot but eating usually helped. the last two weeks I feel sick to my stomach and I eat and then I feel like i’m going to throw up. i’m having so many problems I went to the E.R. last night about it. I thought maybe there was something else going on. without running any tests and knowing my history of fibromyalgia she determined that i’m depressed and that it’s a physical manifestation of that. I have ibs and it used to be constipation all the time but now it’s diahrea. she said it was from the depression. I told her I feel like I got the flu all the time and I sleep a lot. she started asking me questions that can either relate to fibro or depression and that’s when she came to the determination it’s all in my head. i’m so sick of doctors. gabapentin worked for me for awhile but then quit and nothing else works. it’s causing problems in my marriage. he thinks I should pull myself through this to get over it physically. my mother in law suggested taking walks yesterday after the visit to the E.R. to make me feel better but I just don’t know how to explain how sick and tired I am all the time. last year I was getting the housework done and other things, taking walks too and then bam. back to square one. not even the doctors understand what this is. I’ve got a fibro doctor that is knowledgable but he wants to run a bunch of unnecessary tests on me every time I go to him. my feet hurt all the time and I feel cold, my feet are like ice cubes. I’ve been told there’s no neurological damage to my feet but that it happens in fibro. I can’t hardly wear shoes it hurts so bad. I have to sleep with a heating pad on my feet at night to get them warm and make them feel better. does anyone else relate with all of this. I mainly want to know if anyone has problems feeling sick to their stomach everyday. plus I’ve noticed most of the time when they test my white blood count it’s usually a little high every time. but no one does anything about it.


I’m the same with the stomach issues. Your not alone. I live with nausea and have trouble eating. Tum’s and Pepto help. Reading the post is as if I wrote it. My symptoms are the same. Over two years for me now and Gabapentin no longer works for leg/feet pain relief. The side effects were so bad I stopped taking it. I’m now using CBD/THC with good success and it helps improve my appetite. I disagree with the in your head diagnose. Pain just wears you down. I sleep a lot and feel worn out but I push myself to do something and feel better for it, but for me I can over do and cause flare up’s. Try some CBD to help with your feet pain. Tincture is easy to use. http://www.marysmedicinals.com
Not many people can wrap their head around Fibro. Took a while for others to understand what was wrong with me. Hang in there.
PS I love my heating Pad!


I cannot remember when I started using fresh & dried herbs to make teas for symptoms & so far, most have worked. In your cupboard or spice rack see if you have sweet basil, bay leaf or anise. For tummy troubles: To 1-8oz cup of boiling water use 1tsp of sweet basil, 1Lg bay leaf & a 4th of a tsp of anise. Let steep for 5min. I like the flavor of anise most folks don’t, it sweetens the tea. Ginger decreases inflammation. Fresh ginger, you can grate it & put it in a cheese cloth or a coffee filter tie closed with string or a rubber band wet it a bit with warm water & place on body part or put the bag in a bath. I make myself a special tea & use sliced ginger. Ginger is $4/lb here & it lasts me a month. Light & Love M


Oh I am with you! My feet hurt so badly that I feel like they’re on fire and I hobble around. I have so so so much to do so tired . Yesterday I didn’t show up at work I didn’t know I was supposed to I thought I work today not today I’m working I’m afraid I’m afraid of the time I’m afraid people are gonna find out that really I’m just doing this for attention like my aunt says. It helps me so much to know that someone else feels this way especially about the feet, but then I think well that means she’s in as much pain as I am Dan I feel guilty because I should be worrying about other people and helping other people . I knew it would take my mind off this and make me a better person . I pray every day that today I’m going to be different and I’m going to push through this.

I don’t know what to say except I wish I could help you I wish I could I will add you to my prayer list and think of you every time my feet are on fire crying scared to go to work maybe if we send out positive vibes to each other it will help in someway thank you so much for sharing today thank you thank you


Being cold all the time is a sign of thyroid disease, Hashimoto. Tiredness, depression, etc., are all symptoms.
The stomach issues, could be celiac disease.
My primary care was not able to diagnose sny of my problems. My celiac was diagnosed when I went to my gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy and he persuaded me to also have a endoscopy. That came back positive for celiac he also performed a special blood test that came back positive.
My thyroid was diagnosed by accident also, my Rheumatalogist thought that by bone density in my wrist did not look normal or something, she thought I should have that looked into, had a c scan, and that came back positive. So, both my diagnoses have been by accident. You should pursue it further. Good luck


Reading your post was like explaining me. My feet feel like they’re on fire. And they ache so much, all of the time. Today I feel like I have been run over by a truck. Every inch aches. I also am having stomach issues. Diarrhea very often, cramps like menstrual, but I am past that. I am tired, so much. I live in a foggy state most of the time. My husband says he understands but he’s tired of it too. My kids (still 2 at home) get tired of me lying down so much. I have had my years of drs ignoring, blowing me off, pain drs that medicate to the point I can not function, I do not know what is next?!
What has helped through the years?
A heated mattress pad is the best, I detoxed my house of all cleaners, personal care products etc. I now use natural products that I make myself, or buy using the EWG.org website. This has helped a lot but I am still in pain most days. Please share anything that has helped you!!
We are in this together!