Now Married!

Hi all. Just wanted to update. Got married on Aug 29th and am over the moon happy!!! In health issues, it’s still been a roller coaster, with both good and bad days. It’s mostly been an almost continuous bad headache that has turned into a migraine a few times. I went for a regular eye exam for glasses and found out my optic nerve was swollen. So I had to get blood work and MRI, which all came out normal. Dr. Said the cause was probably from fibro and migraines…duh…but I guess they always need to rule out any thing else. That’s what’s been going on with me…hugs

Congratulations!!!! I hope you have many many great years together. I hope they can give you some thing to ease the headache.

Just Married.:slight_smile: Aw. Congratulations.
I hope the headaches subside.

Congratulations.Hope the headaches improve

Congrats!!! Hope your life is filled with lots of happiness and less headaches.



congrats on the marriage!!! all the best .HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS feel better


Congratulations on the marriage.I hope you feel better you suzyq

Congratulations on the marriage! That is wonderful and I wish you many many many years of happiness! Hugs!!!

Congratulations on your marriage.

Sorry to hear you are suffering from such bad headaches and migraines. I hope the docs can resolve these issues for you soon. Huge hugs to you!

That’s my parents’ anniversary date! You picked a good one! Haha
Congrats on your marriage! That’s wonderful news! Hope you get a break on the pain soon!